End of term

Two grandsons, cousins, are leaving primary school this week. “No more school runs,’ chortled Dilly and Al. Weeza still will sometimes take her two, if possible, to high school as the pick-up point for the school bus is at its furthest point from the school, so it’s a long and boring journey to be picked up first. But whether she can fetch them again at the end of the day depends on her future plans. At present, she can leave work at 3 pm to fetch one or both children, but she may opt for a change in career before long.

Next year will be Squiffany’s last at high school. Time is running away with my grandchildren’s childhoods but I’m drifting, mostly alone. I’m not good with too much company. Fine if someone comes here or I go out to see a friend or a group of friends, but I avoid social occasions in general. There’s a concert on in Yagnub on Saturday, which looks really good and I’d enjoy, normally, but I’ve lost my social nerve. I manage to go to Nadfas, pass the time of day with a few people sometimes, but that’s about it. I was invited to the belated 100th anniversary of the WI I used to belong to and, because I had a personal invitation, I went, but I felt quite awkward, though friends looked out for me and had saved a seat.

All the same, I should be positive. Rose asked me out to lunch today and it was lovely and we’re as close as ever. I’m going out to lunch tomorrow with old friends too – which rather gives the lie to my statement about not being sociable. It’s Ro’s birthday at the weekend, so I’ll see him, if only to give him his present. I’ve seen clients and that’s gone well. I know it’s good for me if I’m not reclusive, so I make an effort. Tempting to just drift, though.

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