Dreaming on

Plans for the next ten days are progressing. A new friend of Wink’s has invited us both for lunch tomorrow – it’s very kind, as I don’t even know the friend of the new friend who provided the introduction. Still, a friendly invitation is welcomed.

I’ve written the emails and sent them and have one letter to America to post tomorrow – that’s to Sheila and it includes a catalogue and the prices from the auction. While I’m in Reading, I’ll make a trip to Leicestershire on Saturday. Some of you will remember John Greenwood, whose splendidly named Publog was part of our blogging social circle. He’s been disabled for many years, since a tree fell on his car during a storm and his dad was his carer and true friend for all that time. Gordon died a couple of weeks ago, in his nineties and the wake is on Saturday. I didn’t meet Gordon, though I sent him a present of magnificent brownies from Ludlow market when I met John eight years ago. But I’ll raise a glass or two to him, all the same.

I have finally got the study back to the state it was a week ago. It was emptying the bookcase that was the problem, everything in it was dumped into boxes. But it’s been sorted out now and I have a new to-do list. Top priority is getting the car windscreen sorted out – it’s just a chip so I think it can be mended rather than replaced.

Wink and I need a holiday. Can’t have one yet, but we’ll dream.

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  1. Kestrel

    I like that really happy photo in your blog – every one is laughing and that’s what life should always be – good friends and family. I hope you get many more friendly invitations and together with new friends and precious memories we go on for ourselves and children and grand children of course. Hope you will get a holiday soon as you complete the tidying. Don’t worry too much about the TO do List. Mine never finishes cos new to dos crop up every morning like magic, even when I diligently cross out items every evening. Stay well and stay safe.


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