Wifi seems to be okay right now, so I’ll crack on.

It’s been a very good, sociable day. I have seen all my closest friends here in Reading. I went dog walking with one, had tea with the second couple and invited the third here for dinner. She’s just gone home.

Not everything has been as smooth as it might have been, but never mind. I arrived to find the electricity was off. Luckily, resetting the trip switch put it back, but in the evening I found that the main lights in the drawing room were very dim. That’s odd, they came on but were barely there. I wondered if the light bulbs had been damaged in the power cut, but this evening, when we went through to the dining room, those lights were completely out. My souffle was perfectly cooked, so I quickly fetched matches and candles and we managed, but I’ll have to check the switches in the morning and maybe ask my neighbour to get an electrician in.

I’m off again in the morning, I’m not going to worry too much about it. Tim had a new fuse box fitted a few years ago and, since then, the whole thing has been very sensitive. Even a light bulb failing can put all the electricity off. My electrician warned me about that when he put in my new box, but it’s not quite as bad as this one.

The clocks go forward tonight so I’m going to bed soon. It’s only half past ten, but I might as well get all the sleep I can. It’s been a good visit, I’ve got things done and seen friends and I’ll take some more stuff home with me. Decluttering works for the mind as well as for the house.

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