Chicks better scurry

It’s been such a lovely week, but tomorrow is Wink’s last day here for now. She has numerous lists of things to do and things to bring next time and people to contact and so on. She’s far more organised than I am, especially nowadays, so I know it’ll all happen.

This evening, I went to the chickens’ greenhouse to give them a handful of mealworms. Scrabble turned up, which was a bit alarming as she was supposed to be in the big coop with her chicks. It was my fault, I hadn’t wedged the door shut enough and they’d all got out. No harm done luckily and I put food down which they clustered around to eat, but that just gave me time to ponder what to do. If I’d been able to put them with the others, it might have been an option, if not a very good one, but herding chicks is not at all easy. I have a net, but one only has one chance to use it. After that, they’re afraid and scatter.

In the end, I raised a corner of the run onto concrete slabs and waited patiently until they returned. Wink stood the other side from me so that they wouldn’t go the wrong way. All six followed each other like the good little chicks that they are. Scrabble was undecided, so I simply picked her up, to her indignant squawks, and popped her back. I removed the wedges and blocked any way out and all is well.

I do need to work out a way forward, though. I know what would work, but it depends on Scrabble and the chicks doing what I want them to. So I may funk it altogether.

It’s hot here, darlings. I like it hot but I glow like a shiny thing and my hair is lank. The hairdresser hasn’t phoned yet, so there must be an awfully long list as my appointment should have been on 9th April.

It’s just occurred to me that I missed the longest day and we’re past midsummer. I didn’t notice. Still, apart from missing friends, all is well at the Zedery. I hope it is with you too.

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  1. Z Post author

    I don’t know. I think I make the simplest way through a situation as it arises, rather than sort it out from the outset. This is mainly because I don’t have the strength or ability to do what I’d like to do and it’s easier to fudge through it. The easiest thing would be to give away the chickens, but I don’t want to do that, even though it would be sensible.


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