Chicken, running

It’s still all about Wink’s move and chickens around here.

All the chickens went to bed together and yesterday was fine. Today, I discovered that three girls were out. I knew they hadn’t slipped past me and I knew Mary had been in yesterday, so there must have been a gap they’d found. It took me a while to work it out, but I did in the end. There’s a little space, quite high up – more than a metre – which Rummy used to use. He’d come in with me, wait for rats and, when he wanted to leave, there was a small gap between the netting and the door frame that he could slip through. At the time, the chickens couldn’t get to it but it seems that they’ve worked out a way.

I left them. I didn’t feed them, I wanted them to want to come home. This afternoon, I went down about 15 minutes after sunset and one chicken was waiting outside. I let her in, fed the barn cats and looked about. One young and nervous pullet had roosted inside the (now open at the front, but covered over) old chicken run. I ambled in there and sidled towards her. When she finally started clucking in fright, I dived at her and grabbed. I’d aimed right and got her. So she was put indoors safely.

Mary was still out and I thought I’d have to leave her. A single chicken is unhappy and wants to rejoin the flock, so there was a hope. But, on my way back to the house, I noticed her squatting on the roof of the toolshed. It’s not a very high shed, so I fetched a bamboo pole, hoping to chivvy her down towards me. She retreated onto the wall instead and then into the field. But that was still all right. I went round the other way, rather than frighten her by following, opened the greenhouse door and encouraged her towards it. Once she was in, I covered over the gap in the netting with a random spare door and we’ll put in some staples tomorrow to block it off.

Wink has been unpacking and putting things away. About 8 or 10 boxes have been emptied. The drawing room is looking good and the kitchen is much less cluttered. The hall will come next. She’s coming in here for meals, apart from breakfast, at present so that she has as little as possible to bother about other than moving in. Tonight we had an Old Hall Farm takeaway and we’re going to their restaurant for Sunday lunch – so we’re all relaxing and taking a break.

4 comments on “Chicken, running

  1. savannah49

    Holy Moley! I read your blog on the other site and just now realized THIS is where I’ve been posting/commenting….I think! xoxo

    I’m glad Wink is settling in so easily! Y’all are doing it the best/smart way, taking your time and not rushing!

  2. Kestrel

    So glad to hear your big sis Wink is right next door to you now. It’s good there is an annex as no one then steps on each other too much, family or otherwise space is required. I thought having dogs was extra chores but looks like your chickens give you more work than my Thory. Mary seems quite a rascal like Thory. With the hole mended, your chicks will not keep you running so much now.

  3. allotmentqueen

    I had to laugh – ” I covered over the gap in the netting with a random spare door ” – like we all have those just lying about! Well, okay, there might be the odd thing up at the allotment.

  4. Z Post author

    I shifted to here from Blogger several years ago, Sav, but all the archives are here. I write there occasionally as I think it’s a good idea to keep it ‘live,’ just in case!

    Oh Kestrel, I’ve come to the conclusion that some of the naughty things are sleeping out. There are a couple of them hovering round every morning. At least Mary was in today and I’ve been all around, inside and out and I can’t see anywhere they might escape. It’ll be much easier once they’re all in.

    Yeah, you haven’t been here yet, have you AQ (you’re always welcome, of course). It’s that sort of place. That I had a spare 40 foot greenhouse to house the chickens in an emergency says something about this place! After Russell died and I seriously considered moving, the reason I gave up the idea was that everywhere I liked was as big as here, so there was no point. I think my kids are doomed to sort it out when I’m gaga, unfortunately.


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