Chick pics

Here are the chickens emerging into their new run for the first time. The flimsy netting has been replaced by wire netting now.

It didn’t take long for them to eat all the grass. These three at the front are Jabba the Cluck, the big black hen, Polly the old black bantam and Scrabble, the old brown bantam. Polly and Jabba are six and Jabba is five or six, I can’t remember at present.
But they had nice fresh grass all ready for them, so we shifted the run over.
They are very happy and very tame. Polly isn’t the only one who’ll jump up onto my back, but she is the most persistent. I had to bribe her with mealworms and even then she wouldn’t get down. I managed to reach round and pick her up, whereupon she sat on my arm until I lifted her onto the ground. She’s an old girl and I didn’t want to shake her off and risk her falling awkwardly.

The tunnel can be blocked off and it’s all quite safe now so, even if a dog ran into the garden, I don’t think it could get into the run. And they cannot lay away. Much as I love having them all over the garden, completely free range, I can’t deal with chicks this year. Being youngsters, nearly all one or two years old, they are laying very freely and I could have ended up with dozens of chicks.

Wince and I are still good friends. I blamed all the mishaps in regard to the building of the run onto Richard, but nicely. Wince acknowledged that he’d left the measurements to him and just cut where he’d been told. I did the ‘bless him, he didn’t really listen,” thing.

Other news is good. Tim had his car thoroughly checked over and, apart from a minor detail in regard to the brakes, it’s in excellent condition and it’s worth having the clutch replaced. So that’s being done next week and we are very happy. Tim has two more years in mind, before the big decision has to be made of whether to replace it, as well as what with. By that time, I may be looking to change my car, so we can decide together what two cars to share.

The whole family, with the possible exception of the teenagers, is coming over tomorrow. I’m going to spend an excited morning baking.

4 comments on “Chick pics

  1. Blue Witch

    Pleased you’ve solved the chick problem.

    Definitely ‘better the devil you know’ with older cars at the moment. We have the same dilemma. Also, the journey from yours to his will stretch many current electric cars (when the batteries are new, let alone later on).

    I’m hoping that the technology for hydrogen cars will speed up. It’s potentially much better and much more environmentally friendly.

    1. Z Post author

      It’s a lovely car, Tim’s favourite ever. Well worth repairing once he knew there was nothing else on its last legs.

      With the huge investment in charging points, as well as what companies have put into building electric cars, I wonder if there is the impetus to do the same thing with hydrogen or another fuel, for now. There’s no question that an electric car would be suitable for our only car but, as a local runaround, it’s quite tempting. If one can justify the initial layout (with low interest rates, as there are) then the running and servicing costs are minimal. I’m considering it, but it would certainly only be for local travel.

  2. 63mago

    Jabba the Cluck ? *Bruhahaa* sorry, I’m easily, don’t know … entertained ….

    Good to learn that Tim’s clutch will soon be repaired.

    If I could afford it I’d buy a hydrogen car (I think Hyundai has a model since at least eight years or so), the next filling station is circa sixty kilometers away. I heared that a local gas (as in “gas”, not “gasoline”) merchant (they sell industrial gases) toys with the idea to install a filling station around here. Always fascinated me. I remember that BMW showed a hydrogen powered limousine in the 1980s (!) – technically speaking it is no serious or un-solvable problem.

    1. Z Post author

      I have a childish sense of humour, sometimes. Jabba is very tame but rather pecky.

      I’m not sure that there is any likelihood of investment in hydrogen cars – however an improvement there would be on electricity (which I do not have the knowledge to remark upon), it could be like VHS versus Betamax. What does appeal to me about electric cars is home-charging. The thought of never having to visit a filling station (except on very rare occasions) is tempting. But then I remember the days of driving to the garage and saving to the attendant “Fillerup!”


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