Seeing some of the family was just what I needed and have missed for the past couple of months and more. I had done some shopping for Weeza – not much, but her local supermarket has been out of flour for weeks, it was out of fresh ginger and there were no Cheerios. I know they’re a breakfast cereal but I don’t know much about them. Anyway, I was able to buy all of them (our farm shops have always had flour), though the last was bought this morning, when I went to fill up with petrol. Under £1 a litre, so a very different price from when I last filled up three months ago.

I also took half a dozen eggs to Ro and Dora on the way, so finally got my view of the baby, as well as her big brother. If only the highest echelons of government and its few trusted advisors weren’t all really unintelligent, unempathetic men, they might realise that getting the social thing right matters. If people break the rules – and they shouldn’t – it’s because they’re stupid rules. This isn’t party politics, nor even politics, because this blog doesn’t do that sort of thing.

Anyway, it’s been a lovely day.

Last night, I went to put the chickens to bed and discovered one of the missing bantams had returned with three chicks. They are now in a coop. Then Wince was strimming long grass and discovered a clutch of eggs – by the time I got home, Scrabble was brooding them again, so they are all under her in yet another coop. This is all unplanned. Scrabble has about 15 eggs. I don’t suppose she’ll hatch more than half of them, though. And more than half the chicks will be boys and cause yet more heartache. Free range chickens are not an easy option. But still, chicks are cute.

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  1. savannah49

    We are so looking forward to seeing our other children and their families! Super nana, Mr Matrix and Big Girl Matrix have come by a couple of times, but we’ve maintained the distance and masks so it’s been disheartening to be close, but still so far apart! Being the city mouse that I am, chicks are lovely to see from a distance, but eggs are so delicious! xoxo

  2. Z Post author

    Oh yes, just seeing them has helped me so much. I think we all feel the same way.
    Scrabble was upset at being moved but she was sitting tight last night and this morning. Luckily, I have several coops but only three of them are suitable for baby chicks and one of those will have to be moved if it’s to be used, which will be a heavy job. Especially as it’s the one that Scrabble is in right now!


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