Change of plans

Well, it had been very hot. And Tim didn’t feel at all well on Monday morning and felt quite woozy when he went out to buy a paper. So we spent the day relaxing and we had to give our apologies for the party. Thinking about a long drive to Wales to stay in a caravan, we knew it wasn’t a good idea, so we’ve postponed our trip. We came home on Monday night, driving in the cool of the evening and we haven’t done a lot this week and feel better for it. Disappointing but a relief too, it would really not have been comfortable there, particularly at night.

I hadn’t driven Tim’s car for at least two years and that meant I hadn’t driven a car with a gear lever and a clutch. I managed to stall three times getting out of his driveway and around parked cars into a turning space. But after that it was fine – until I was coming off the A14 at Bury, when I forgot I had to put my foot on the clutch as I stopped at the roundabout. Didn’t stall that time, luckily. Oh, how we laughed.

Since then, I’ve mostly been watering the greenhouse. One happy cucumber plant can produce an awful lot of cucumbers. I’m not watering the outside ones because I don’t want to have too many more – though actually, I think the outdoor ridge cucumbers have the best flavour of all.

2 comments on “Change of plans

  1. Blue Witch

    Definitely very sensible in the circumstances. Hope Tim is feleing better now. Why push ourselves to do any more than we absolutely have to?

    Must look out the print out I did of that courgette recipe you kindly provided a few weeks back… seems we need it!


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