Catching up

I feel that I rush in to tell you what’s going on, it’s not the calm, everyday blog that it used to be, when I was a calm and sensible person.  I vaguely remember being that person … hmm.  Anyway.

Wink is here for a week, which is just lovely.  She’s going to Norwich tomorrow to meet Dilly, then staying with Weeza overnight, then back here for Wednesday evening.  We’ve got plans for Thursday and Friday, then the family will be here for lunch on Saturday.  We haven’t all been together for quite some while – the kids came over a few times in the summer, but not all fifteen of us.  I love it best when we’ve a houseful, which probably has something to do with my enjoyment of our blog parties.

Having said that, I’ve felt a bit wobbly for the last week.  There’s some quite important things that I haven’t dealt with because I haven’t felt able to, which is frustrating but has to be acknowledged.  I used to hide my weaknesses but I don’t any more.  Sometimes I can’t cope, I have to work around that, I do what I can.

Anyway, moving swiftly on, the pillar on the drive has been repaired, the garden is in pretty good order, we have a new heater in the drawing room – how have I not mentioned that up to now?  There has been an old storage heater, which is all very well but it gave a room that was warm in the morning and lost heat all day.  The new ones are much better insulated and release the heat when you want it, or so they say.  This one still runs on Economy 7 overnight electricity, so shouldn’t be more expensive to use, but who knows.  I don’t believe in anything any more, just because I’m told it.  People who don’t tell lies don’t necessarily tell the truth.

I’m in danger of getting serious again, and that can’t happen.   Five good things to end with.

1 Blood donors this afternoon, which meant I ate a chocolate biscuit afterwards.  And drank a great deal of water.  Seriously, lots.

2 I recommend Suffolk Blue cheese.  It often isn’t blue at all, but has a *blue cheese* flavour.  It’s quite creamy, totally delicious.

3 i’ve got an outlet for our newspapers – Tim and I each take a daily paper, which gives rise to a lot of rubbish.  The people in the next village look after hedgehogs and bed them on torn newspapers.  This will work!

4 This isn’t anything that I’ve done, it’s a question.  Have any of you looked into buying an electric car?  Comments?

5 I feel quite cheery this evening.  That is a very good thing and is quite enough to end on.  Love to you all, dear friends.

4 comments on “Catching up

  1. Scarlet

    I like the idea of an electric car…. the downside is that they are very quiet! I walk the dog along country lanes and have been taken by surprise by an electric car.

  2. Mother of the Bride

    We bought a hybrid. A few thoughts: charging electric cars isn’t as easy as you might think. Different companies run different charging points – you need to join up to their schemes to use chargers in public spaces. Also, the charging points may be in parking spaces where cars park and don’t charge, for instance. We are glad we paid to have a charging point fitted to our house but that took far longer than we thought as it turned out that we had “the wrong sort of tails” (don’t ask me to explain) and involved waiting in for various people from different companies to come (sometimes more than once) before we were sorted.
    We have bought very little petrol since we bought the car, which is good, but we still don’t think we could drive to see the Welsh grandchildren on electric power alone. (Well, we could get there but I don’t think we’d be able to get back.)
    Neighbours also have a hybrid but no charging point. I think they just like the savings they make on road tax, congestion charge, local parking etc.
    Husband says hydrogen is really the way forward.

  3. Blue Witch

    This isn’t anything that I’ve done, it’s a question. Have any of you looked into buying an electric car? Comments?

    Having done many many hours of research… don’t. Blog post on the subject coming sometime… soon.

  4. Z Post author

    I’m thinking of replacing my car next year. I doubt I’ll buy a new petrol one, but I could buy one second hand. It would be for local driving only, I’ve been told about the different companies, which is bemusing – they really haven’t got anything sorted out at all, have they? Reading is about 160 miles/3 hours away, which is pushing it for an electric car, but having to stop for an hour to recharge sufficiently to get there is ludicrous. Anyway, I’ll be interested to hear your take on it, BW. I won’t be changing the car for at least 9 months anyway, I should think.


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