Tim’s sister, niece and I have been trying to fix a day to go to the cinema together. We thought we had it, but Niece caught covid, probably at the Elton John concert. Since, it has not been possible. Our best option seems to be for niece to see it twice, once with her mother and once with me.

The chickens acted up while I was away. Because Stringfellow bantam cock sometimes spends the night out in the run, I’ve put a kennel in there for him to shelter in. When I looked tonight,there were 16 eggs in there, since Wednesday. They think Wink is such a sucker.

Stress levels are at a raging tinnitus pitch. So better ignored. But I am having an early night, because I’m a total drip. I still think, in my heart, that the cool people party on past midnight, even though I’m not one of those any more.

3 comments on “Busy

  1. savannah49

    Just did a bit of a catch-up read of your last week’s posts. You really have been busy, and I hope it’s helped get through everything. You have my heart, dear friend. xoxo

    1. Z Post author

      Thank you, darling. I take care of myself, I can’t help being anxious but I do my best to be calm. xoxo


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