Blog party 2021

It was so good to see everyone after two long years. There were fourteen of us, I think, in the end. Rose wasn’t well enough to come, sadly, as a bad cold went to her sinuses. My sister suffers similarly and has said that the one good thing about lockdown is that she hasn’t had a cold in a year and a half. Rose’s other half has small children and they pass on everything, as little ones do.

The weather forecast got worse and worse but we were lucky in the end. The rain held off until just as people were leaving. Seeing black clouds at quarter to five, we hurried the last cushions and glasses indoors and it was just the Bears (Steve and Liz) and Fiona (Cottage Smallholder) who got wet on their way to their cars. Scout the dog insisted on going out in the rain, but that was just for fun.

Not having slept more than a couple of hours on Friday night, I made up for it last night and we’ve had a relaxing day. It’s a quiet week, too, so perhaps I’ll weed the flower beds at last.

Only joking.

2 comments on “Blog party 2021

  1. Scarlet

    Glad to read that the party was a success! We’ve had a soggy time in Devon and I’m wondering whether I ought to just pack my summer togs away.

    1. Z Post author

      It’s so changeable. I’m wearing a summer dress, but the cardigan keeps going on and off. It absolutely tipped down just after the party ended. We were so lucky, if it had poured in the middle of lunch, we’d have just had to pick up our plates and run indoors. It was wonderful to see everyone again – and welcome a newcomer, too. I think people are so brave to just turn up on their own, though they know they’ll be very welcome and feel comfortable. My friends are brilliant like that.


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