Auction time

The annual Lowestoft auction is next Wednesday, with viewing in the afternoon and the sale itself in the evening. The website is for the whole catalogue, here are some pictures.

The cover of the catalogue, with some of the rarest pieces. The one on the right is designed to hold salad dressing.
This is part of a rare, bespoke tea/coffee service. It was actually made in the 1790s, though the date is 20 years earlier. it’s assumed it was ordered to commemorate a 20th wedding anniversary. It’s very pretty and there isn’t another Lowestoft pattern very like it.
Saucers always show up well. This pattern is known as ‘boy on a bridge.’ WYSIWYG.
Another handsome saucer. Drawn in ‘pencil & gilt,’ these pieces are usually popular.
This is another ‘say what you see.’ A printed pattern, it’s known as woman and squirrel. Big squirrel, mind you.

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