A happy easter

It has been a lovely Easter. All the family visited and, in most cases, it was the first time we’d seen each other this year. Rufus is so delightful and helpful, at lunchtime he ate everything on his plate – first time he’d tried asparagus and he had a second helping – and he cleared the table afterwards, bringing every item out to the kitchen for me. His little sister Perdita is walking very steadily, at 14 months old – sensibly, she keeps her balance with her feet quite wide apart, so can bend to pick something up from the floor, stand upright again and keep going … well, just as well as her Granny, anyway. I hadn’t seen her since Christmas, so didn’t dive straight in to pick her up but let her get used to me first.

I’m not sure why I need to make a lot of work for myself, but I do, so made profiteroles on Saturday morning and bread rolls on Sunday morning, ready for the Alex gang. Pugsley has been vegetarian for a while, but he likes my roasted vegetables and halloumi and there was plenty of cheese. I also bought a veggie scotch egg from the deli, but it didn’t have a lot of flavour, to be honest. I also served smoked salmon pâté, salami and ham with salads and they brought home-made cakes and biscuits, which we ate as we played poker after lunch.

All delightful and we’ve had three happy family parties in a week. And I’m so out of the way of this that I’ve had an afternoon nap most days too. Although I’m lucky to get more than three hours unbroken sleep at night, so it’s not surprising that extra daytime stuff makes me tired.

I hope you’re had a good Easter and, maybe, a bit of socialising, if that’s your thing. I realise that, while I like being sociable, I can manage quite well without. Without family and hugs, not so well.

4 comments on “A happy easter

  1. Kestrel

    That was some Easter gathering. We don’t celebrate Easter on any grand scale here so it was nice to read about your family getting together and ALL that FOOD. You must have been exhausted with all the baking. Must have been nice to have the family together again. We are still under restricted movement so NO large family gatherings.

    1. Z Post author

      Thank you BW, I’ll bookmark that. Pugsley tends to avoid carbohydrates on the whole,he’s had some stomach problems and they seem to make it worse. GF food might suit him. And I’ve got a few friends who can’t cope with wheat/gluten either – including you, of course.

    2. Z Post author

      Usually, we have big family parties, but each of the households came separately this time. The current rule is two households or up to six people. Shops are reopening on Monday and I’ve got my haircut booked for the Tuesday. I haven’t had hair this long in decades!


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