Officially the hottest day ever in this country. Gosh. Yet some people are still bleating that it’s ‘just summer.”

I raided the freezer for some chicken-friendly food, to cool them down and have veggie ice lollies, which they enjoyed. I also put an old sheet on Wink’s chickens’ run (which is shaded, but also plastic and that’s never good news) and wetted it from the hose. Stupid Louise bantam was determinedly sitting, beak open and panting with the heat, so I left her with a bowl of water. Later, she looked more comfortable.

A dear friend phoned this afternoon to tell me that she’s agreed to have her husband’s life support switched off tomorrow. It’s not unexpected, he has multiple organ failure. We’d spoken on the phone for a long time yesterday and afterwards, as they’re Christians, I went down to the church, said the Nunc Dimittis and played the organ for quite a long time. It’s their 31st wedding anniversary tomorrow, to make things worse, though she’s managing to take the viewpoint that it’s rounding off their life together.

I’m not doing much at present, still drinking a lot of iced tea and lemonade and reading the books I buy quicker than I read. It used to be the other way round. I’d buy two paperbacks a week, because that was all I could afford with three young children, and read them by the next day. I had to slow down my reading but now I wish I was still in the speed-reading habit. So many books, less ability to multi-task. I used to have a book at the foot of the stairs so that I didn’t waste time as I walked up.

Lunch with Rose tomorrow, but first I’ll have to check my reservation with the restaurant. Without European staff, a lot of places can’t open all week and this one is shut on Mondays and Tuesdays, so my email hasn’t been answered yet.

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