Z’s to-do list is mostly done

The Poole cat has arrived and Tim likes it very much. It started its home here on the mantelpiece in the drawing room and I introduced it to its tiny Lowestoft counterpart but, as cats do, it decided to move to the top of the piano, just so it could make the “kitten on the keys” joke and it looked benevolently at us when we were eating dinner this evening.

We are cheerful because the catalogues are printed, enveloped and posted. There is always something, however. We’d checked Tim’s work so carefully, having equally diligently checked mine, and the catalogue was spot on when sent to the printer. I had a proof copy and found that a photo had been squeezed a bit, so let them know … but we didn’t spot that half a lot description had been left out. Tim had the happy thought that one of my small labels might just fit in the space and he was right, it was exact. So I copied what should have been written, printed three sheets of 65 labels and we carefully added the correct info to each catalogue. Then stuffed envelopes, added address labels and stamps. I took them to the post office because a regular customer is Belgian and his postage had to be done separately.

So we’re feeling pretty good tonight. I made egg curry – that is, a spiced onion and tomato sauce with hard-boiled eggs in – and a mushroom and spinach curry that I invented. I hadn’t got naan bread in the freezer but I’d made pitta breads which are the same but different, so we had some of those. We also had Prosecco followed by red wine because the work is done. I have some catalogues to deliver to my colleague in Lowestoft so I’m taking LT out to lunch at the Yacht Club there and then it’ll be a relaxing weekend.

Wince the gardener arrives on a Thursday morning, asking if I have a Plan. Plan certainly has a capital P. To his surprise, this morning I had several. I added that I didn’t expect him to get them all done in a day and, unusually, he hasn’t. But he’s made inroads and done the most vital stuff.

Overall, the weekend starts here, darlings. Woo and hoo.

3 comments on “Z’s to-do list is mostly done

    1. Z Post author

      Really in the dark, no idea how it’ll go. I won’t make any money, but if I cover out-of-pocket expenses then I’ll be relieved. i’d hate to go to all that trouble and not cover costs, but there we go. Not going to try to claim from Rishi, though I probably could.

  1. Blue Witch

    Unless more than half your total annual income (including from interest, dividends, property letting, pensions etc etc) is derived from that source, you won’t qualify anyway.

    I do think that far too many people have deliberately profited from the various support schemes – and I know of people whose accountants have told them to get the cheap (0% in the first year) company support loans and invest the money to make a profit then pay it back, so incurring no costs at all, on day 365. I’m all for gaming banks’ schemes, but I wouldn’t take from the public purse in this way. It’s just not ethical, is it?


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