Zoye’s Fludde

I’ve got a few pot plants in the cloakroom on the windowsill. They’re all succulents and they don’t get watered very often, so the compost gets too dry to soak up water. Yesterday afternoon, I popped them in the washbasin, put in the plug and added a little water and left them for half an hour or so.

I forgot, of course. And it wouldn’t have mattered except for two things. The tap drips just a little bit. And the overflow isn’t connected to anything.

It’s a lovely Edwardian washbasin, which we bought from people we knew when we lived at our last house – they bought an old house and modernised it considerably, selling off all the original features. It’s painted and glazed, but it’s fragile. Trying to stop the tap dripping cracked the china slightly, so we daren’t try any more. You can stop it dripping with care but evidently i didn’t. Soooo – when I went in after lunch, the basin overflow had released a whole lot of water onto the carpet. Luckily, I have a good carpet cleaner – it’s like a big upright vacuum cleaner, with two reservoirs; one for clean water plus soap and the other for sucking up water from the carpet. The next hour was spent sucking up that water. It was probably not the best idea to fill the clean reservoir too, thinking that I might as well wash the carpet while I was at it – when I realised just how much water there was, I washed the hall carpet instead – but at least it was a lot quicker than using all the towels in the house. I couldn’t remember how to use the hose attachment with the small nozzle, so couldn’t suck up the water behind the toilet pan and there’s newspaper and bathmats there, but most of it has been done.

Knackered now, frankly, and it’s only half past nine. This sort of nonsense takes it out of a Z.

6 comments on “Zoye’s Fludde

  1. Jane

    Darling Z,

    Thank you for taking the time and trouble to call in on us and welcome us back to Blogland.

    You are clearly doing sterling work here…. not only dealing with floods and carpet cleaners…. but in maintaining this journal of everyday life for so long.

    Joy is mixed with sadness in your posts. It is ever thus and shall always be so. So, keep on keeping on. Stay safe.

    1. Z Post author

      So glad you and Lance are blogging again and welcome back here too.

      It’s being so cheerful as keeps us going, innit?!!

    1. Z Post author

      Well, the carpets look lovely, so that’s one good thing. I did a lot of carpet washing just before Christmas, but not the cloakroom. But yeah. Those plants won’t need watering for a while, anyway.

  2. Blue Witch

    I always admire that washbasin, and wonder how it came to be there, so now I know!

    Your carpet cleaner sounds much like ours. They are addicitive, once you start a bit, aren’t they?

    1. Z Post author

      It’s lovely, I’m so fond of it. The people who removed it from its original place were Philistines!

      The carpet cleaner is excellent, heavy but easy to use. But I can’t find the instructions, either the ones with it or on the Bissell website and I don’t know how to switch over to the hose and the small sucky head. Nor how to take it apart to clean it. I need to get in touch with the makers and ask.


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