Zoë is a bit inarticulate

I still haven’t done most of the things on the list, not the ones that matter.  However, I’ve had the car serviced for the winter and I’ve paid my car tax – that’s not due until 1st December, but I daresay the DVLA can make better use of the money than the bank – and I’ve booked in Eloise cat for her booster vaccinations.  I’ve told her that she’s going to the vet on Friday, but I don’t think she believed me.  Otherwise, I’m floundering a bit, but I’ll catch up with it all by the end of the week.

Pause for hollow laugh.  I’ll do what I can, anyway.

In other positive news – I probably mentioned that one of the pillars that Dave built a year ago collapsed, partly by having had too tightly tensed wire pulling on it; the clincher being bullocks leaning on the wire.  The pillar has now been put upright – originally, we were going to take it apart and start again, but it was actually very well built and that would be a difficult task.  So we’re having a sort of steel flying buttress added to give it strength.  Which doesn’t describe it very well at all, now I think about it, so I’ll take a photo when it’s done, because it’s half past nine and my powers of description are fading by this time in the evening.

To think that I used to be at my best at this time.  Oh dear!  It can only be downhill from now on.  I’ll have to blog before teatime, to have any hope of making sense.

2 comments on “Zoë is a bit inarticulate

  1. Mike and Ann.

    When Ruth was here last week she told me to always send my blogs in the morning as I was at my best then.
    Didn’t ask for any further information, but your last sentence seems to add strength to
    Ruth’s idea for me.

    1. Z Post author

      I’m sure Ruth is right, as far as I’m concerned – once I’ve had coffee, anyway. I can’t claim any coherent thought before coffee time.


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