Z winds down

I didn’t sleep much last night, tired though I was. But I made up for it this afternoon, when I had a lengthy nap, for at least an hour. As a result, my loaf of bread isn’t entirely successful. It over-proved and, well, it’s a bit flat on top. I daresay it’ll taste fine and, if it’s a disappointment, I’ll make another and give it to the chickens. It doesn’t matter.

I’ve got a lot of plants to be put into planters or the ground and I didn’t manage it today. It was too hot in the middle of the day. So I did a nice lunch instead. Hot-smoked salmon, prawns in a Marie Rose sauce, radishes, spring onions, little tomatoes, black olives, a random slice of leftover pork pie, homemade sourdough bread. We ate it out of doors and it was after that when I had my sleep.

My little grandson Rufus will be 5 on Wednesday. He’s a dear little boy who loves his granny, but a degree of that is him approving of the food I serve. Since many small children are wary of anything they don’t eat all the time, I take that as a compliment too. I have bought him a computer game for his birthday but I’m going into the little local sweet’n’toy shop to see if there’s something to add to it. I thought he might like a puppet: perhaps a glove puppet he could play with along with his little sister.

Still tired. But I’ve signed the lease for the flat and that’s something of a relief as, with expenses and loss of income, I’m well over £1000 a month down at present. I have savings, it’s okay, but it’ll be good to be back on an even keel.

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  1. Kestrel

    I can’t make bread and won’t even try as it would definitely be a disaster!! Your lunch sounds delicious with so many dishes. I would be a beached whale eating all that. I think all grand kids love their grandparents since only grandparents spoil them, parents discipline them. A glove puppet sounds a good idea, will keep rufus and his sister happy.

    1. Z Post author

      We find we eat less in the evenings nowadays and even up the meals. It isn’t deliberate but it seems to have come naturally with age! There wasn’t very much of each item, but it was certainly more for lunch than we’d have had a few years ago.

      A wolf for him, with a splendid tail and a dog for Perdita. I hope they have fun. I went over and joined them and a few friends in their garden for tea and birthday cake.


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