Z tries again

Yesterday, Wink and I went to That London. It was lovely. I love London, it was such a pleasure to be there again. We went to the Raphael exhibition at the National Gallery, meeting my friend L there – she’s an artist and a genuinely world-renowned picture frame expert and she works at the NG – and then we went out for dinner.

It was my fault that we were late, because I briefly led us on to the wrong Tube train. Then it took ages to put us right. But it was okay, we were in time for our timed+halfanhour tickets. Then had a really nice dinner with champagne, though still having to watch the clock for our train home. Next time, off-peak tickets will be the thing.

I had tried 11 times to get the B&B person and she’d tried once to get me, but I had my phone switched off then. I’d given up and had asked Wink to find a hotel, but then Ms B&B phoned back, she’d been away. And it’s fine, we’re booked in for the night before and after V’s party.

Everything feels like hard work at present, but I’m getting there. There’s no real choice, I have to keep plugging on.

I took photos of the garden, but it was the wrong time of day and they aren’t very good. I’ll try again tomorrow.

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