Z stares at the writing and doesn’t make sense of it. Which may or may not mean that there is sense to be made.

My age is showing. I can’t work out how to turn off the connection to my phone on my car. That is, it won’t not connect, even if the phone isn’t plugged in and it still tries to connect, even if the phone isn’t in the car. I’ve brought the infotainment (sorry) manual in and I can’t find how to just use the car’s own system. I expect it’s there, but the jargon makes my brain glaze over. I’m going to have to ask a younger person.

Or maybe RTFM again tomorrow, if I can be bothered.

I’ve just remembered I’ve a wannabe loaf of bread rising in the kitchen. I must knock it into shape. Back soon (22.12)

22.17. That didn’t take long. I floured a cloth, shaped the dough onto it and put it back into the bowl, then covered it over. In the morning, I’ll put the cast iron casserole into the oven and leave it while I look after the chickens and the cats, then put the dough into that and bake it, half the time with the lid on and half uncovered. It makes good, effortless bread, though I have yet to manage the texture that sourdough bread should have. I think I’d have to stretch and fold it many more times than I can be bothered to do.

The silicone cover wasn’t big enough, last time and it slipped to the side, so the top hardened a bit (it’s turned upside down to be baked, so top becomes bottom) and the dough didn’t rise as much as it should have, so the last loaf was a bit solid. I might quietly give what’s left to the chickens. They love soaked bread and they don’t get it very often.

Poor Pillock looks very disconsolate. I might catch chickens to keep him company tomorrow, rather than wait for Wink. She was due back tomorrow but has been invited to stay an extra night with her friends.

One comment on “Z stares at the writing and doesn’t make sense of it. Which may or may not mean that there is sense to be made.

  1. 63mago

    The wonders of “Bluetooth” ? I think his name was Harald, but I may be wrong. And I have absolutely no idea why the cable less connection is named after a ruthless Viking. Good luck. And I do not think that it is age related – terrible tech knows no boundaries !

    I hope Pillock will see company soon, the idea of him sitting alone, slightly but nevertheless wounded, where a Pillock usually sits, is non-comforting – I can not find the right English expression, sorry. In German I say “Mitleid heischend”, pardon, old fashioned.


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