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I couldn’t write a blog post last night because Eloise cat was lying on my chair again.  Of course, it’s out of the question that she be moved for my convenience.  At one time, LT might have moved her for his, but she has been training him, quite gently, but effectively.

I mentioned, last week, that the clock in the hall had gone haywire, gaining ten or so minutes every hour, but that I’d managed to adjust it so that it’s keeping time again.  The other day, my computer mouse became almost impossible to use.  I normally just put it on my leg, whether skirt, trouser or bare, and it’s fine – everyone else who tries to use it finds it difficult but I don’t, so I can’t tell the reason.  But it just didn’t work.  I was wearing tights under a skirt and it just about worked on the tights, but the next day I wore jeans and it was impossible.  I adjusted all the mouse settings (using it on my hand, which was just about manageable) but it didn’t help.  I turned the mouse off and on again and the computer off and on again and wondered if I needed to buy another mouse.

Then, yesterday (before Eloise cat took my place), it worked again.  It’s fine, just as normal.  I have no idea at all.  We think there are technology elves who enjoy playing tricks.

Without the three largest pieces of furniture apart from chairs and sofa, the room looks very big.  It is quite big in fact but, because it’s nearly square, chairs have to be brought some way into the room and so you aren’t particularly aware of its size.  Weeza used to say that her whole London flat would have fitted in this room, and it almost would if you disregarded stairs and landings, but now her sitting room is two and a half times the area of this room.  Quite a turnaround.

I spent some time dealing with the leftovers from Sunday.  There were not that many in fact, as we’d eaten all the vegetables except a tablespoon of cauliflower, which I didn’t keep.  There was mostly beef, which I took off the bone, making stock out of the bones.  The scraps were later put aside for the chickens and outdoor cats, of course.  And I’ve sorted it out into sliceable, chunkable and minceable meat today and have made a casserole using the rest of the gravy and the remains of a pheasant casserole, from the chunks for this evening.  In fact, pretty well nothing is wasted.  It was reported, the other day, that half of the potatoes bought from supermarkets and greengrocers are thrown away, not even having been cooked, because they’d gone green or sprouted or – well, I don’t know why.  I also don’t know how they know.  Because no one ever asked me and any remains I leave of vegetables, if they’re not suitable for the chickens, go on the compost heap.  But there aren’t many.  I spend a good deal on food, but I’m also quite frugal because I use up leftovers.  Indeed, while LT was away last week, I took single portions out of the freezer – squirrelled away for just such an occasion – and ate them, along with the remains of the marvellous curry goat.  Not all at the same meal though, obvs.

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  1. 63mago

    It may not help – in fact pretty sure so – but as I remember your mouse is cordless. So it has a battery in it. Perhaps this needs to be replaced ? Just an idea.

    1. Z Post author

      It’s cordless, but the battery is rechargeable and it was at 58%. I did plug it in for a few minutes but it didn’t make any difference.


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