Z sees double

I’ve just come off the phone after a long chat with Weeza, which is the first time we’ve spoken to each other in person since Christmas. There have been a few messages, but neither of us – in fact, no one in the family – is very inclined to make regular phone calls, though we all enjoy a chat when someone can actually get around to picking up the phone.

Anyway, I suggested that everyone come here for Sunday lunch one day, because either her house or ours is the best for a get-together of 14 people. The only weekend date we can both manage in the next two months is 3rd February. So I’ll email round the rest of the family and see if that’s convenient for everyone else, because otherwise it won’t be until mid-March at the earliest.

In other news … not a lot, actually. Just that red cabbage takes an awfully long time to cook and, somehow, a very small cabbage somehow expands to feed at least 8 people, even though Delia’s recipe says that double the quantity actually feeds 4. No, Delia. You are wrong. And an hour and a half to two hours is wrong too. Double that as well.

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