Z rises

Several improvements; or maybe I mean improvements on several fronts. One thing was natural rhythm, when I’m down I need to be patient and recognise that my mood will change. Another was an improvement in the weather. Another was cheerful exchanges with family members, starting at 8 o’clock this morning, when Rufus’s mother texted me to say that he wanted me to know that my strawberry jam was totally delicious.

The downside, which I might as well get out of the way, was that drawing was another failure, but not a failure in drawing. I’m supposed to draw a corner of a room, with a door, from far enough away that I can see both ceiling and floor through the viewfinder, and get the angles of the ceiling and floor in relation to the vertical corner wall and doorway. My house doesn’t do that. I’d already failed on the passageway thing because there’s only one passageway in this house and it didn’t fit the other criteria. There are a few possibly suitable corners, but all of them have a window behind where I had to sit, which meant that I could only see a reflection of me or something else, so couldn’t see to draw. So that was another lesson I couldn’t do. The next was to draw the same corner and door on paper. I wasted so much time failing to find a suitable place that I hadn’t got time to do that, but I’ll try next time. The main reason I ran out of time was because she wrote an interminable chapter, that I found very hard to read because it was so boring and I already knew most of what she was telling me, on the subject of angles and perspective. I’m actually pretty sound on that already, so I didn’t need her to keep telling me – and acknowledging that she was repeating herself – about it, making me miss the small nugget that was useful every page or two. But never mind, I think I’m back in the mind to have another go soon.

My eldest grandson Pugsley is a very good guitar player and I had a chat with him today about my difficulties. I was very glad to hear his recommendation that I need not bother with chords as yet, but to keep playing tunes and get to know the strings that way. That isn’t how Tim taught himself, he cracked on with chords. I explained to Pugsley how hard I find them and asked about his guitar – he’s got a bigger one now, but is happy to lend me his first one. That may be smaller than I really need, but I think I’ll find it easier than a full size one. Dilly, his mum, will be passing by the road every day on her way to work from Monday, so she’ll drop it in to me. They will also be happy to take surplus eggs off our hands, which is a great help. Pugsley has been vegetarian for a while and eats quite a few eggs. His sister Squiffany will be 16 later this month, which is quite alarming to think about – she has no suggestions for a birthday present so will probably get money, ready for when she can go shopping again. I’ve promised her some driving lessons for next year.

My downstairs tenant in Islington has told me that he’s moving before long – this is a heads-up rather than formal notice, but I suspect that it’ll take place within a couple of months. He’s been a brilliant tenant. I’ve assured him that he’ll get the best possible reference. I’ve been the best possible landlord, to be fair.

The sun shone for a while and I spent half an hour in the sunshine this afternoon, which always helps.

4 comments on “Z rises

  1. Blue Witch

    While admiring your perseverance, have you thought about a drawing course/book that is fun rather than difficult?

    The sort of things that book tells you to do are what would be in an intermediate/advanced taught course, and it all sounds very dry. It shouldn’t be a chore! I’m sure there must be free stuff on YouTube…

  2. Kestrel

    Up days and down days I guess. My qigong master tells us we have to keep challenging ourselves, so we do not become stagnant. But sometimes, being stagnant is OK. I think to just go with the flow and don’t sweat the small stuff, but he’ll probably give me a disapproving look!! Good that Pugsley is helping you finish the eggs. I do go vegetarian for a few days every now and then to cleanse my systems. Hope you get a good angle and start your drawing soon.

    1. Z Post author

      I think one has to trust ones feelings and if it’s a down day, that’s all right. But a succession of down days and I probably need to challenge myself.


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