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We’ve been to Reading and Pembrokeshire and are now back. We were taken out to dinner by friends, longstanding as far as Tim is concerned and, of course, more recent for me, who are just lovely and the greatest fun. Tim and I always intend to be more sociable than actually happens – I think we should arrange more things in advance, because one always makes time for what is in the diary.

Tim has nearly finished the catalogue, then there’s proofreading. On the home run soon. I’ve got various business stuff to get on with too, as well as a lot of cooking and garden things. Tim had a lot of apples on his tree – they’re cooking apples and he thinks they’re Bramleys, but they don’t look like mine and they’re ready earlier. Still, his house is down south.

That reminds me, while we were away we had a crab salad at the village pub, and very good it was. The Pembrokeshire crabs are quite different from Norfolk ones. The white meat breaks up more and the dark meat is darker. They taste of crab, not sure I’d know the difference in the dark. It’s a nice pub. The same person owns the caravan park (not Tim’s, it’s more tucked away and doesn’t have sea – or any – views, but it’s nicely laid out), the little shop and the pub, and we usually have a drink and sometimes a meal at the last. I had a quiche last time, which was considerably better than I’d expected, homemade with lovely pastry. It’s always busy and there are lots of young bar staff, so never long to wait. Good to have a business thriving in these uncertain times.

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  1. PixieMum

    We’ve never visited South West Wales or Pembrokeshire, where would a good centre to stay and to see the attractions? We would prefer hotel accommodation in case of rain. Consideration is being given to going away for a few days once schools have returned to set us up for the winter. Hope you don’t mind me asking, it is always better to have personal recommendations, don’t know anyone else apart from Tim and now yourself who knows the area.

    1. Z Post author

      Saundersfoot, about a mile along from Tim’s village, is a very pretty little seaside town and the best hotel there is St Brides – it’s on the expensive side, though, but they do have some self-catering apartments if you scroll down on the website. My sister and some friends stayed there last year and they were happy with it. http://www.stbridesspahotel.com

      Tenby, further along by a few miles, is very attractive and has a wonderful beach. I don’t know the hotels there, but Rog and Mrs Rine have stayed there a couple of times – again, probably self-catering as they take the dogs. I could email to ask.

      If you do go, visiting Fishguard to see the Last Invasion tapestry is a real must. It’s in the town hall, go upstairs to the library and it’s on the right. It’s a wonderful community project and superbly done.


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