Z returns to Norfolk

Packing up the car took ages. Tim’s drive is at the bottom of the garden, perhaps about 20 metres – I’m guessing – but that’s a lot of carrying when you’re making 20 trips or more. It included a small fridge and my vacuum cleaner. Tim was misguided enough to buy a Dyson and then, when that packed up after a few years, to replace it with another, which has also stopped working. In the same 35 years, my Sebo has done a lot more work, is nicer to use and is still going strong.

I left about 10 o’clock and, with a stop for petrol (I added what I needed rather than filling up as normal), was home soon after 1. My little cat has spent a lot of time on my lap. She looked for Tim and was disappointed that he wasn’t there, poor cat. She’s been quite clingy and needy, though she’s settling down now. I’ll be home for some weeks, which will be good for both of us. She’s sitting on me now and i’m one-hand typing, which is slow.

Because Eloise was sitting on me, i didn’t do all I wanted to this afternoon. But there’s always another day. Tomorrow, the dentist. Then, as I’m in Norwich already, I’m minded to go and buy another phone. Only if I feel I can go and deal with people though. I might just slink home, if not.

2 comments on “Z returns to Norfolk

  1. Scarlet

    Sometimes I don’t do the things on my list because I don’t want to disturb a sleeping dog. Pets are so comforting. Having them snoring by your side is one of life’s small pleasures, so I give in to it.

    1. Z Post author

      Eloise is winding down to her usual affectionate, but sometimes absent, self. I wish she knew that Tim hadn’t wanted to leave us. But maybe it’s good for her to hope for his return.


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