Z receives a boost

This morning, I moved the desk, two armchairs and a computer chair, as well as the printer, back into the study. I’ve also put my computer into here, having lazily been using it in the drawing room for a long time. I don’t need to use the computer all that much nowadays, mostly for blogging, so it may encourage me to sit down here earlier in the day (or I might forget to blog, who knows?).

Then I went to have my booster vaccination. After two doses of Pfizer earlier in the year, I had the Moderna one this time. My arm is a bit sore but nothing to note, it simply feels as if someone stuck a pin in it, which they did.

After that, I had two hours of governor/trustee training on Safeguarding in schools. I felt for the man who was delivering it, with little opportunity for engagement with people. Fortunately, we’d been sent the course materials in advance, because I discovered, ten minutes before the meeting was due to start, that I needed a Zoom update on my computer and there wasn’t time for it. So I logged in on my phone, but some of the print he put up on the screen was too small to read there.

Tonight, I’m supposed to go to Gardening Club but I have cold feet. For one thing, I’m quite tired (nothing to do with the vaccine, two hours on Zoom is quite enervating) and for another, I’m not really up to socialising today. Finding the church service so difficult on Sunday has given me pause for thought. I have a Nadfas lecture tomorrow in Norwich, where I can be fairly anonymous as there will be a lot of people, and a funeral and (an unconnected) lunch on Thursday. I don’t think I can face kind people in the village hall tonight too. Actually, I don’t want to go to any of them, but the longer you leave it, the harder it becomes. Easing myself in is all right, I think.

2 comments on “Z receives a boost

  1. 63mago

    Why not have a glass of wine and play with the cat ? Do you want some Gluck with that ? While driving home this evening I listened to an inspiring podcast about Beethovens Eroica Variations, made me choose some detours just to hear it to the (pretty loud) finale.

    1. Z Post author

      Wine and the radio. And the cat, of course. I didn’t manage the clarinet tonight and it’s too late now. Eloise cat would be affronted.


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