Z reads the manual

As ever, RTFM. The connection to the phone is controlled from the steering wheel. Both my old car and Tim’s car could do that, but I never use the controls there and didn’t think of it. Though, once I found it out, I vaguely remembered the salesman telling me about it.

Two people have viewed Tim’s house so far and two more are booked in over the next few days. Best not to dwell on it, there’s nothing to speculate about. Having said that, I do feel quite restless and I hadn’t realised why until this minute.

I invented a sauce to use up some kumquats I’d bought, for no reason, the other day (they were there, darlings). I halved the kumquats, 10 or 12 of them and put them in a pan with enough water to not quite cover them, put them on to simmer. I had half a red onion, which I sliced and fried. When the onions were nearly cooked, I added a few halved cherry tomatoes. When the kumquats were soft, I added a spoonful of sugar (I think balsamic vinegar would have worked and sugar might not have been needed). Then I added the kumquats with their liquid to the onions and cooked gently until the liquid was syrupy. It was excellent. I ate it with a piece of tuna, garnished with pea shoots and fresh herbs. I think it would work with any oily fish, or pork, maybe even lamb.

The sauce was cooking when my sister arrived home from swimming. She went to hang her keys up and she’d dropped her car key. We searched for at least 15 minutes, we can’t find it at all (and we’ve done the obvious things like checking in her bag and pockets). I’m sure we’ll find it at once in the morning, but it’s frustrating. There is absolutely nowhere it can have gone, other than where we’ve looked and failed to see it.

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