Z rambles, but at least Z is blogging

I gave my big television to Wink when she moved here, because Tim and I so rarely watched it that it seemed a better idea for her to get more use from it. Now, I have Tim’s own big tv, but I’ve put that in the study. When I watch anything, I’m quite happy to look at it on the desktop computer – but I’d rather return to the days when the computer was in the study too. I don’t want to type in the evenings any more, not regularly (which is the reason for infrequent blogging at present) and prefer to get it done in the morning, which is the best time for that east-facing room anyway.

But now, if I want to watch anything in the evening, I’m stuck with Tim’s laptop. I’ll work it all out in the end, I suppose.

I wasn’t meaning to sound humble or despairing or depressed, in saying that my opinion doesn’t matter. It’s just more peaceful not to mind so much, not to be indignant. It won’t change anything and those in charge are so very sure that they’re right. Although I wish that they wouldn’t go so very bull-headedly into the current fashion, it’ll all change again in a few years. Then they’ll excitedly explain what some of us have been thinking all along and charge a lot of money for it.

When I was chair of governors at the village school, the Head was talking once about some parents who were quite casual about sending their children to school. If everyone overslept, they just didn’t bother. This was before parents were fined for letting the kids bunk off. I suggested that the school secretary could reserve a few minutes every morning to phone and ask if the children were unwell? I thought that would get them going. The Head said there wasn’t time for the secretary to do that, it was unworkable.

Within a month, she’d had the idea herself and it worked. In fact, it was not unknown for a staff member to go and fetch the missing pupils. I don’t say that the Head claimed my idea deliberately -she dismissed me and instantly forgot I’d said it. I didn’t say anything. It was the effect I was interested in, not the credit.

I’ve had two phone calls and an email about the next auction from potential clients, since I’ve returned home. Looks like I’ll have to do some work before long.

Photos next time. I don’t have them on the laptop and being hunched over the keyboard makes my back ache. I can see why laptops are popular, but certainly not with me.

3 comments on “Z rambles, but at least Z is blogging

  1. Scarlet

    it’ll all change again in a few years. Then they’ll excitedly explain what some of us have been thinking all along and charge a lot of money for it. – So true.

    I never have my laptop on my lap – it is always on my desk!

  2. Z Post author

    My desktop is on my desk, so I haven’t much option with the laptop. If I had a desk in the drawing room, I might as well use it for the desktop. I might bring it back anyway, I’ve only myself to please.


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