Z puts on makeup

The forecast thunderstorms haven’t happened yet and we have not had a drop of rain. I’d rather relied on some in the night, so didn’t water the tubs and I haven’t done it today either, so it’ll be fairly vital by tomorrow. Though it is supposed to rain on and off for most of the day, we’ll believe it when it happens.

The last couple of days have been lovely, in fact. LT’s brother and sister-in-law are up from Devon, so came over for the afternoon yesterday and then took us out for dinner in the evening. I put on my face and everything – no, that’s not quite true, I didn’t put in a contact lens because it would only have been for the drive over to the next town to meet them. There was some chortling with glee at the end of the evening when our substantial and delicious meal cost a mere £40 for the four of us, including a bottle of wine and service. Thank you, Rishi. And thank you Bill, of course, who paid it.

Then, they came over here for lunch today, as did LT’s sister and brother-in-law, who live less than an hour from us but whom we hadn’t yet seen this year. Though we did meet in December and there are excuses for 2020 like no other year in my lifetime. Because of the weather forecast, we suggested doing lunch here but, as it was so fine, we actually ate in the garden and my strenuous housework has gone unseen. I dusted picture frames and everything, darlings. I moved furniture. Honestly, if I’d ever needed a different career, I’d have been a whizz as a lady what does, as house cleaners used to be called. Anyway, lunch was nice and relaxed and lasted several hours, which was probably nicer than going to a restaurant and being conscious that we were taking up a table for too long. Tim and I had leftovers for supper and not much of them, having eaten well earlier. I gave each couple a dozen eggs, because the chickens are laying gleefully at present and I even know where. I really should give some of the chickens away, but I’m so fond of them and it’s hard to choose which ones should go. Gladstone has been missing for a couple of weeks now, so could well turn up with a clutch of chicks in a week or two.

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  1. PixieMum

    Our Treasure hasn’t been to us for cleaning since I went into lockdown early March, fortunately our home isn’t enormous, there has been just the two of us to make a mess so we have coped well enough. Treasure has been with us about 16 years from the time we were both gainfully employed, we continued after retirement as an insurance against time when we I’ll not be able wave a feather duster.

    During lockdown when she wasn’t legally able to visit clients so she worked at Tosco supermarket to be shouted and sworn at whilst attempting to keep customers two metres apart whilst queuing. Although she can come to us now I’m being very careful so we will pay her to keep away.

    1. Z Post author

      My cleaners did my ironing instead, so I paid the same but did have a job lifted. They have been back once (only come for two hours once a month, so we do most ourselves) and were actually very thorough, but that meant that they had to ignore some rooms. As you know, this is a big house and cleaning properly takes many hours. It’s good that you still pay your Treasure, a lot of people haven’t.


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