Z prepares to be merry

The auction went well. Very well in fact, and it’s given me food for thought for the future. I don’t quite know how to staff it yet but I’m seriously thinking about having live online bidding. I know it’s skewed because of the pandemic, but about 15 lots were bought online and a number of others were bid for. I’ve ended up (having sold two pieces after the sale) with only nine unsold lots and I may sell one or two more. I just wish I was actually making any money out of it, but there we go. Can’t have everything and a success has to be appreciated.

I’ve just got a couple more phone calls to make tomorrow, to unsuccessful bidders, and several people coming to pick up their china over the weekend. Then some pieces to put in the post on Monday, by which time I’ll be reporting back to the vendors and I’ll pay some of them, anyway. I will have to wait for a few cheques to clear before paying everyone. I aim for a week for all the paperwork to be done, but it may run a couple of days over this time.

And then, darlings, jollifercations (as we say in Norfolk), Covid permitting, for the rest of the year. I will ignore anything to the contrary. Unless it goes seriously awry, of course. But if we don’t have hope, truly, what do we have? Let’s dance the year away.

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