Z plans a road trip, which is awfully exciting

I can’t remember what other good things I was going to write about. They may come to me, we’ll see.

I haven’t forgotten that I didn’t finish the Meals on Wheels saga, but I’ll come back to that when there isn’t day to day stuff to write down.

Wink phoned. She is booking a removal company for her furniture, whenever she finds a date to move in completely. In the meantime, she’s doing a lot of sorting out because she doesn’t want to bring anything that she doesn’t actually want. She had a paper shredder, which she lent to a friend. Lovely as this mutual friend is, she is even more dilatory than I am and not very good at returning stuff. Items I lent her two and a half years ago have never been given back and I’ve replaced some of them. So I suggested that Wink did the same thing with the shredder. She has and she’s filled a wheelie bin with paper.

She’s also turning out cupboards of things that she does want to bring and it’s all getting a bit more untidy than she likes. So I’ve suggested that I drive down, with a carful of empty boxes, and drive back with a carful of full boxes. When she next visits, she can bring more stuff and then spend happy hours sorting everything out. There are lots of cupboards in the annexe. It’s a joy. Too many houses do not have room for Stuff and we all have Stuff, however – almost – minimally we live our lives. Unless we throw out Christmas decorations or ignore the festivities, we have a tree or a stand and we have baubles and lights. We have cleaning equipment and spare bedlinen.

Anyway, I have a chink in my diary (massive holes, of course, though I’ve finally got various appointments in the next couple of weeks that have been held over for months) and will go down on Monday and return on Tuesday, with Tim holding the fort in the meantime. I’ve advised shutting up the chickens as late as possible because a certain amount of chasing and chivvying is required and I don’t want him to have to bother. It’s quite annoying but I don’t mind that as much as most people would.

As i said, massive holes in the diary, though I haven’t deleted regular events, so they keep bobbing up. I’m getting reminders this week that we’re due to pay the balance on a holiday by the 23rd, for September. It’s been deferred for a year, but I haven’t changed that yet. It’s quite sad, to keep receiving reminders for things that aren’t going to happen. I suppose resilience is, for the most part, how you cope with disappointments and setbacks. But these aren’t difficult to cope with obviously, just minor regrets, too few to mention.

5 comments on “Z plans a road trip, which is awfully exciting

  1. Scarlet

    I need a skip to get rid of all my clutter. Honestly, I wish I’d just throw things away. Most of the clutter has been moved from house to house – I despair at myself.
    Anyhow, good luck with Wink’s move!

    1. Z Post author

      Yes, several skips were required to clear my outbuildings, I sold a lot of stuff and I’ve still got a mountain. Wink is determined that she will get sorted out before she moves. I wouldn’t know how to move house, it would be awful.

  2. Pat Mackay

    Nice to see the photo at the top but I only recognise you, the other Zoe and Tim. I hope you are keeping your spirits up – and I don’t mean just the gin and whisky. Stay safe.

    1. Z Post author

      Zoe’s other half Mike was taking the photo. The tall man is Indigo Roth and Lisa, kneeling down, is his darling. Lockdown delayed their wedding but it’ll happen sometime. Liz and Steve, on the right, are former bloggers Sir Bruin and the Small Bear and the chap in dark glasses is the mysterious Virus Scurra, otherwise known as Ken. Mike and Ann weren’t able to make it – I think it might have been following Mike’s hip operation. The previous year, Ann had had a cataract operation and wasn’t driving yet. I can’t remember who else came last year, but they’d left, evidently, by the time the picture was taken!

      We are doing pretty well, Pat, thank you. I hope you are too, now that you’re able to go out again and, I hope, see some friends. Thank goodness you’re a computer whizz, as are most of my friends in their 80s plus nowadays. Very hard for those who don’t have internet.

  3. Patricia Mackay

    Thanks for that. Its remembering is the problem. I’ve ben trying all weekend to recall the name of a shrub in the garden which blooms at this time. Big green bush with a small white fluffy blossom.


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