Z marks time

It’s been cold and dreary, with the sort of freezing fog that hardly lifted all day. It was also Bin Day – that is, the bin men (people? I’ve never seen a woman emptying bins, it’s always been cheerful, burly men) come early tomorrow morning. So we took the task of emptying all the indoor bins into the wheelie bins and taking them down the drive, as well as Tim taking out the compost bucket and washing it out (which he had to do at the kitchen sink because the outside taps are frozen) as one of today’s achievements. The other was taking down the Christmas decorations. I usually leave them until Twelfth Night but honestly, whatever Yuletide spirit there was this year dissipated quite quickly and we only kept them up this year because Wink was coming through for a sedate New Year’s Eve party. Come to that, they were only up at all because there were small children coming over.

It’s all looking bare and tidy, apart from the pine needles in the corner of the room that I haven’t hoovered up yet. It really has been a day for hunkering down with a slightly sulky air and not doing anything we didn’t need to do. Which might be the pattern for the year, if the last one is anything to go by.

2 comments on “Z marks time

  1. Scarlet

    Hopefully things might pick up in Spring, but things will stay rough until the sun comes back.
    Take care, and all the best for the year ahead.

    P.S I read your previous post about drawing – stick with it – there is method to the madness!

    1. Z Post author

      Thank you, Scarlet – and yes, I will stick with it and give it my best go. No expectations at all, but that’s okay.


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