Z makes mental lists. Though now they seem to be written down

I’ve got to do yet more paperwork in the next few days. I despair, it makes me very anxious and yet it must be done. I also have a lot of Christmas cards to write, Tim’s as well as mine. Rather a lot of them will need a letter. I think I’m going to have to write a basic letter and personalise it for each recipient. I can’t hand-write them, writing more than a few words makes my hand ache nowadays and I would have to do each one from scratch. I will start tomorrow and aim to have them done – I want to say by the end of the weekend, but it’s more realistic, I should think, to say within a week.

It’s a busy week coming up, in fact. I’ve got several meetings, but at least they’ve all been moved online. I’ve got a trip to Norwich, which is actually for a Nadfas lecture (it’s now the Arts Society, but that’s so vague that no one knows what it refers to) and I could skip it, but I do need to get to the bank to have some papers verified to post off. I need to try to fit in a visit to an old, housebound friend as well. She is 88 and I mustn’t neglect her.

The chickens are all fine in their big greenhouse. I’d thought I could put extra netting over their outside run to make it safe from wild birds, but I’ve realised that the mesh on the sides is too big. I saw a sparrow flying in and out of it today. So, as it’s showing signs of being a bad year for avian flu, I’ll just keep my bantams in, apart from Pillock. I hope he’ll start roosting somewhere where I can catch him, but he’s usually on top of the greenhouse, out of reach. He’s a nice, friendly boy and he hangs around by the greenhouse, looking in longingly, but there’s no catching him or persuading him through the door. The barn cats were afraid of Plank, but they don’t mind Pillock and they are all quite friendly and mutually respectful.

The other thing I need to do is to stock up on chicken feed. And get a bag of mixed corn for the pheasants. There was a total acorn failure this year and they are short of food.

I didn’t bring very much back with me from Reading, this trip. Mostly because the car was quite full of wheels. I did bring some books, a lamp and a wooden carving of baby seals. I should take a photo. I thought they’d bought it in Pembrokeshire, but the label says “made in Indonesia.” It could still have been bought in Pembrokeshire, I suppose.

2 comments on “Z makes mental lists. Though now they seem to be written down

  1. Blue Witch

    You’re wise… it’s not worth netting – the minute you get any snow it will come down, and pull goodness knows what else with it, unless it’s at least 2″, and birds can get through that. Netting to stop birds needs to be 1″or less, it is very expensive and does not mix with snow. DAMHIK 🙁

    Et courage, mon brave, courage.

    I thought the other day how unfair it is that you’ve got landed doing two lots of mega-clearance.

    1. Z Post author

      I’ve got some fine mesh plastic netting on the run and wire netting over that, it’s just the corner that lifts off that needed extra cover. But the side netting is too big to stop small birds. I wasn’t too worried about snow as i’d have taken off the extra netting if it were forecast. They don’t want to go out much in bad weather anyway, it’s only on a sunny day that I feel sorry for them. But the last thing I want is to risk them getting it and I’m law-abiding anyway.

      Everything feels miserable, I just have to keep plugging away and not think too much.


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