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I spent much of the day working on the auction catalogue, having an early dinner so that I had time to upload the photos, so that Weeza and Ro will be able to access them in due course, and still have time to wind down afterwards.  I can’t work up until bedtime any more or I can’t relax enough to sleep.  Nor can I go straight to bed if I’ve been out or if people have been here.  This doesn’t matter of course, better to listen to music or write a blog post or read a book than wriggle around wishing I could sleep.

Since LT is away, I’ll soon amble upstairs – trying to remember to lock the doors first, which is something I used to be poor at when I lived alone – with a cup of tea and I’ll listen to the radio, first in the bath and then in bed.  I’ve got Little Dorrit downloaded (when I say I’ll listen to the radio, what I mean is that I’ll use the iPlayer app on my phone because I hardly ever listen to anything live any more) and I was planning to listen to that, but it may take too much concentration for night time.  I’ve also got Bulldog Drummond and various other things that might be lighter.

I did mean to watch television, but I forgot.  IPlayer, Netflix and so on have put paid to television as it’s broadcast too, but they’re not the cause of me giving up in the first place; it’s the huge number of channels.  Perhaps I give up too easily, but if I look through the listings and can’t see anything I’m really keen to watch right away, I don’t bother at all and, possibly, miss something later I’d have liked.  I can’t quite work out the reason why, when there were four channels, I was likely to pick the best of the bunch but, when there are dozens, I am much more picky.  It surely should be the other way round.

3 comments on “Z looks for entertainment

  1. Alan

    I’m glad of iPlayer too, mostly because I tend to fall asleep in front of a “live” broadcast when it’s close to or past my bedtime!

    1. Z Post author

      I have always tried very hard not to fall asleep in front of the television, it gets to be a habit! But I do drop off listening to the radio, I did last night.

  2. Rog

    I love the Radio App – the fact that you can set favourites and have whole series at your fingertips is absolutely brilliant. When I was hip-recuperating I’d fall asleep to Paul Temple, Clare in the Community or the Consultants every night.


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