Z leaves England

It was all fine. The test came through negative and everything else went smoothly.

They haven’t all quite got their respective acts together, though. There’s an app called VeriFLY, where you can upload all your documents and it’s really quick to check in. However, you can’t progress past the negative test until you get the result. That’s ok, if inconvenient, but you need an emailed or printed document with your name and details and a QR code. I got a letter without a QR code so couldn’t use VeriFLY. The people behind me had a piece of paper with the negative result QR on one side and their name on the other, and you can only upload one picture. There are a lot of companies doing the testing and they use different methods. So I had to join the slow queue. Which was fine but one couple had some sort of delay and took nearly an hour, so the line built up and up. I was all right, I had loads of time but some people were cutting it fine by then. So I let them in front of me and made them all happy. The BA staff were lovely. Patient and helpful and put the anxiety of the travellers way ahead of their own stress.

though while I wa being looked after, apparently a woman who’d got in the wrong queue lost her cool and started shouting and being rude. Then stormed off. The nice woman helping me and her colleague who was upset and came to tell her agreed that if she’d just waited and not yelled, they’d have helped, taken her to the right place and at the front of the queue.

anyway. No matter. I had a very nice brunch of avocado on toast with a poached egg and tomato salsa – lightest thing on the menu, which offered too much food in a helping to justify a £10 charge – and hung about cheerily for the rest of the time. No platinum jubilee memorabilia unfortunately, so I took the stuff I’d bought at home as enough and just added champagne.

and now it’s 7.30am and my hosts aren’t early risers, so I’ve been reading, faffing online and relaxing since I woke up a few hours ago. I’ll unpack a bit now.

6 comments on “Z leaves England

  1. Blue Witch

    Glad you’ve got there OK but how frustrating that the supplied documents aren’t in the required format.

    The BA staff were lovely. Patient and helpful
    That’s a first… perhaps they have listened to the feedback we (and no doubt others) have sent them after our last few check-in/flight experiences! Or perhaps someone did some thinking while on furlough and realised that the experience they were providing could be improved, and indeed would need to be to justify their pricing, if they were to win back market share.

    What’s the weather like there? It’s 7 degrees and grey with odd glimmers of yellow ball.

  2. Glenda

    Welcome to the US, Zoe. It looks like we might be in for a spell of snowy or I hope not icy weather. I do hope you have a nice time here. I’m a couple of states north in Kentucky.

  3. Martina

    Welcome to the U.S.! I just watched the Very English Problems episode about holidaying so your comment about most people being patient in line sounded….very English

  4. Z Post author

    It was a good thing I flew in when I did, a lot of flights were cancelled on Sunday because of dreadful weather. Where we are, just west of Atlanta itself, there was enough snow to look pretty but not to settle.

    All well, having a great time.


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