Z is sociable four times in one week and needs a lie-down

It’s been sociable at the Zedary for the last few days.  LT’s brother and sister-in-law were up from Devon, via Kent where they’d been for a friend’s birthday party.  They have a motorhome, so it’s not much trouble to extend their range and make a proper trip of it, and they haven’t been up this way since our wedding.  So we met in Southwold for lunch, then they came to spend the night here.  Wink was able to stay on an extra day to see them and left on Friday morning.  Then we all went off to meet LT’s sister and brother-in-law for lunch at Reedham Ferry.  They went over the river on the ferry with their vehicle as they were staying at the adjoining campsite, but we parked and went across on foot.  We were ready to proffer our 50p each, but the ferryman said that, as we were going to the pub, it was free.

It was a sunny day and we sat outside with our drinks, enjoying the reed beds and the view of the river, with the chain ferry, just big enough for two cars at a time, going back and forth.  It must do quite well, it is a very long way round by car and it’s a valuable service.  I haven’t been across for many years, but we had a good lunch and will bear it in mind to visit again.  On a fine day, we think visitors would enjoy it too.

Today, it was young Rufus’s second birthday and we had a party here.  Ro and Dora brought the food, mostly, and we set it up.  Both families came, plus a couple of Dora’s friends from way back – they were bridesmaids at their wedding – with their husbands and babies.  27 of us altogether, the weather held and was pleasant, if not sunny, and we had a lovely time.  Last year, they held a tea party here the week before the blog party and it was very hot.  We learned from that and put the tables in the shade for the blog party, which was on the second hot day of the summer.

Tonight, not much is happening.  We’ve eaten some cheese and we’re reading the papers.  I suspect an early night is on the cards.

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