Z is purposeful

Ronan was able to unlock Tim’s computer. So I drove straight over to pick it up. That meant that I wasn’t able to do the work I’d planned yesterday evening, so got up early this morning to do it. But I’m jumping ahead. I was nearly home when the warning came up on the car, to check my tyre pressures. I was not happy. I couldn’t remember what the pressures should be and I wasn’t in a mood to find out. So I left a few minutes early to call in at the petrol station this morning and do it there, possibly accosting a friendly man who’d do the job for me.

However, as I drove out, it occurred to me that the local tyre place would, so I called round there. The owner did, but he was really grumpy and not nearly as nice as his employees. Still, embarrassing as it was, the job was done. I got here with a half hour to spare, unpacked the car, took two bites of an apple for lunch and scuttled out to the undertaker.

It was about time something went my way. My chosen date was 4th October and preferred time was sometime between 1 and 2 pm. The undertaker asked if there were dates I needed to avoid? With a hollow laugh, I said that there were only two possible days that suited everyone and one was far better than the other for me. And it needed to be in the middle of the day. So she left to make the phone call and came back with a 4th October 1pm offer. As they say, ker-ching. Booked it at once, made the other decisions and now have a funeral to plan.

I’ve had a lovely evening with Clare next door. She invited me in for dinner and I’ve been there for nearly five hours. Whoops. I had a few jobs to do when I got back this afternoon and then had a long nap on the sofa. I woke and couldn’t move for a bit, I’d slept long enough to feel zonked. With that and visiting Clare, i’ve done very little on the computer. And, since BT is playing up, I had a lot of faffing about to do, to get online. So now it’s 11 o’clock and I’m going to bed. I miss Tim so dreadfully, it’s hard to cope with or to put into words. But I don’t need to, it goes without saying.

4 comments on “Z is purposeful

  1. Blue Witch

    Glad it’s all slotting into place and that your preferred funeral date was possible.

    For future use – are your recommended tyre pressures written on a label inside the driver’s door (door jamb side, or base) or inside the fuel filler cap flap? I only know as I never remember and always have to look them up there. Mr BW somehow remembers 3 cars, each laden and unladen, so 6 measurements. Actually, I’m glad my brain doesn’t work like that!

    Hope you’re sleeping OK and not feeling quite so zonked out today.

    1. Z Post author

      Yes, they are, but it gave so many pressures that, in my fuddled state, I wasn’t sure which would apply. I was going to go down to the petrol station and do it there, but thought it would be better to go to the tyre place where I’ve bought many tyres over the years and where the men are really helpful. Unfortunately, the proprietor himself was really unpleasant. I’ve now written the required pressures on my phone notepad.


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