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We arrived home on Wednesday night, after a lovely holiday and not the easiest return journey – nothing new in that respect – and it’s been a bit hectic since. I went to fetch Eloise cat back from Rose’s Boy – she was away, as Lawrence was having his fortnightly treatment at the Royal Marsden – and found her looking woebegone. When she reluctantly got up, she hobbled. Boy hadn’t realised and was very upset – we couldn’t find any obvious injury and she could walk, so I decided it could wait until morning and we’d see how she was.

She was still lame, so I phoned the vet. In short, there are two possibilities. One is that she got into a fight with Chip and her leg was hurt. She’s on antibiotics and painkillers and, if that’s the problem, she should improve soon. The other likelihood is that she’s ruptured a cruciate ligament. If she’s no better in a week, she’ll have an X-ray and, if that’s what it is, an operation that will take several months to get over. She’s in a lot less pain because of the medication, and can walk on her leg, though she does limp heavily, so we’re just waiting and being anxious at present.

As I said, we did have a lovely time and Jersey is as delightful as I remember it from my last visit, 35 years ago. Tim has visited from childhood and knows the island well, so it was a nostalgic trip for both of us. I have pictures and will upload them soon – no idea yet if any of them are worth posting.

A week of daily driving and then a long drive home tired me out, so I’ve slept soundly for the past couple of nights. A good night’s sleep is a wonderful thing. Two are a blessing. Fingers crossed for tonight…..

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