Z is helped. That is, Z will be helped.

Now that the fence all down the drive is in place, it has to be painted with wood preservative. I checked the shed, because I knew I had some, and found it was just one big tub, 5 litres, which would certainly be nowhere near enough. The local shop where I bought it isn’t open at present, so I checked online and found that the price has risen startlingly. I finally found a 20 litre, I think it is, tub that is still nearly double what the other cost, but was the best value. The date I was due to receive it was 8th-10th June and I actually got it yesterday. I nearly didn’t buy it because it would take a fortnight to come rather than the day it actually took. When it was delivered, it was left outside the porch door and I meant to carry it indoors. I couldn’t lift it. Nor could Tim when he tried. It’s not the weight, but the awkwardness of the wire handle, but it will certainly be decanted into smaller tubs.

I’ve a lovely friend in the village who, when I mentioned the intention on Facebook, cheerfully offered to come and help. She is one of the best and nicest people I know and she meant it. I’d call on her if I were in trouble, that’s how much I think of her. I’m not a great caller-on, this is a bigger thing than it sounds. Anyway, next week we will get started. I have already looked out my old and scruffiest trousers to ruin and have a ditto dress in case it’s just too hot to work in trousers.

Once that is done, there are a lot of other fences and sheds and so on to paint. They were all done about three years ago but I’ve been noticing that they’re due another coat. So being home, unable to visit the places I’d like to go to this summer, does at least mean that I have no excuse to neglect this sort of thing. I won’t let C. know this of course, imposition goes only so far.

I have asked my friendly local builders to come and paint the gable end at the front of the house, too, as well as soffit boards and so on. I can’t manage the job myself, it’s too high up, especially as some repairs to the woodwork are needed. I do have some scaffolding, if it’s required. This was left behind several years ago after a job was done and, though I reminded the people two or three times, they never picked it up. So I’ve taken pity on it and given it a good home.

Which reminds me, the barn cats didn’t turn up for breakfast or tea yesterday. I wasn’t worried exactly, I supposed they’d had a good night’s hunting, but usually at least one comes along to make sure I don’t forget to put food out. Two of them have visited today, so that’s all right. I’d have worried by now, however needlessly. I’m putting out food and water for hedgehogs too. Not that cats know cat food is actually hedgehog food, but I’m putting it right outside the house door, where they’re too timid to come. It vanishes by the morning, so I hope it’s hedgehogs. It’s so very dry, they will struggle this year.

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