Z is even more sociable

We had a fabulous weekend and Dilly finally met baby Perdita. Wink left yesterday morning and LT and I relaxed most of the day, apart from cleaning up the kitchen yet again – what’s that about? We did so after the family left and only had leftovers for supper, yet the place was a wreck by the morning again – and then I made a loaf of bread. I’d accidentally opened a tin of tuna on Saturday, aiming for anchovies, so invented a roasted aubergine and garlic number with a piquant dressing to go with it last night. I’m growing small aubergines this year, which are delicious and it’s a pity to cut them up.

Tim’s brother and sister-in-law are visiting the area this week and we’re looking forward to seeing them. We were planning to eat out on Thursday, with their sister and her other half, but there’s a likelihood of rain at some time and The Rules allow for us all to eat outside at a restaurant but not indoors if there are more than two households. I’m not at all sure what The Rules are at home but our dining table is quite big enough for three couples to distance themselves from each other and we’ve been following The Rules rather more than many people in government, so I think we’ll be okay.

I had a letter, a couple of weeks ago, asking me to take part in a survey for the Office of National Statistics. No reason why not, so I agreed online and I’ve just had a lengthy phone call. We were involved in an opinion poll three or four years ago and the chap came round then, but this time it had to be done by telephone, of course. I’m not entirely sure that I’m the sort of person they’re looking for, as we don’t shop much in supermarkets and we buy ingredients rather than branded foods, but we’ll save all our receipts and write things down for the next fortnight and they can make of it what they can. They are bunging us £50 each for our time, which is better pay per hour than I get from the auctions, for sure.

I was going to write a post last night, feeling very cheerful and in the mood for a chat, when I had an email to say that the mother of a friend of mine has died suddenly. My friend is Weeza’s age and her father had a major operation a couple of years ago, so all the focus has been on him and this is an awful shock for the family. They live in Somerset and she hadn’t been able to visit her family until now – fortunately she was there with them when it happened. Forgetting this, I set straight off down the road to call on her, but remembered on the way and came back again. I don’t have her parents’ address and emailing or messaging sympathy doesn’t feel quite right, though I sent my love on facebook. I’m not sure of the best thing to do in the circumstances. Email, I suppose.

2 comments on “Z is even more sociable

  1. Scarlet

    At first I thought the ONS were asking you to do the Covid test – I already know of three people who’ve done this, and you would have been the fourth.
    I have no idea what The Rules are now! Stay away from people and don’t sneeze or cough on them seems the best advice!

    1. Z Post author

      Weeza was asking, so I looked it up. From tomorrow, you can have a sit-down wedding reception for 30, but it seems that more than two households indoors, in other circumstances, isn’t allowed. It is no wonder that people don’t know and are making their own judgement.


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