Z is easily led

Sir Bruin and the Small Bear, aka Steve and Liz, invited me over, to let me have fun on Sir B’s motorbike. As a pillion passenger of course, my attempt at getting a licence was interrupted and I never managed to go back. I admit that I was less relaxed than I’d been 8 years ago, but I don’t think that Steve realised and, once I’d regained my nerve, I loved it all over again. So tempted to have another go, though I think a bike is too heavy for me nowadays. Wondering about a scooter…

They also keenly recommended a good electric bike, which I’ve been thinking about getting. A cheap one isn’t worth bothering with, they have found – I suppose it may depend on the use you’re putting it too. And Sir B has taken up the ukulele, which is far easier to pick up than a guitar.

I was also fed a delicious meal and had a really great day. I don’t focus enough on simply having fun. I’ve got out of the habit. Something to remember and learn from.

3 comments on “Z is easily led

  1. dinahmow

    We have some shocking motorists around here and they put me off for a start.I also a couple of creaky joints so my 2 wheeling days are over. Perhaps, if I ever go back to Amsterdam…


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