Z is brisk

I’ve booked and paid for my flight, travel insurance and ESTA form, which has been approved. So all I have to hope for is not lockdown. Lap of the gods, I can’t do anything about that. I’m insured in case I test positive at the last or once I get there. Yes, I’d rather wait until later in the year but that isn’t feasible, this is my best chance – actually, the best chance of my friend.

Worrying news about two more friends, one in hospital for tests and the other has just been diagnosed with cancer. Expected to be early stage, it’s already spread. Daughter is expecting second child in four weeks. I think it was 2016 when all the musicians and actors died – not literally all, darlings, but David Bowie at the start of the year and it just kept going – and 2021 is pretty crap for almost everyone, one way or another. Or both.

Anyway, Tim’s brother has kindly offered to help with practicalities in Reading. I’ve said that I’ll itemise all the jobs and that’ll give us something to work on. Then lovely Indigo Roth phoned, so i haven’t started on the list. I’ll just start, so I won’t put it off entirely tomorrow. Then I’ll wind down for a bit before bedtime.

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