Z has left undone those things that Z ought to have done

…and there is no health in Z.

Don’t take me literally, I’m (almost) quoting from the Prayer Book: the General Confession, to be exact.

Sad as I am that blogging is in the doldrums, I’m part of the problem. I just found out that Tim wrote a brief blog post 11 days ago and I hadn’t known. I hadn’t realised that a friend hadn’t posted in a month until today, because of health problems. I’ve checked a few blogs, deleted unread posts from bloggers who aren’t actual friends (I don’t have to have met someone for them to be a friend) and brought the number of unread posts down to a little over 100. So, my mission for the next few days is to catch up with those. And, I’m sorry. I’m finding it difficult to focus on anything much, but that’s an excuse rather than a reason. I’ll do better.

It’s been a quiet day. Chilly and damp, no real reason to do anything much. Wink sent a text to say she’d arrived in Wiltshire yesterday, after a difficult journey. She phoned this afternoon to tell me about it. There was a queue to get off the M25 to the M3 and it transpired that a breakdown had necessitated the road to be closed while rescue vehicles got through to load it up and remove it. The traffic finally got going again – and then stopped again. It seems that the same thing happened to another vehicle. Probably overheated while it was waiting in a queue…

If there’s one thing lockdown has brought home to many of us, it’s that getting from place to place is a pretty miserable experience. I remember the days when driving was fun. Mind you, I was young then; however, it’s been anything but fun for decades. Likewise, train travel. I used to look forward to a trip by train. For many, many years, it’s been a matter of hoping I can get a seat, wincing at the price, dreading delays because of a breakdown, signal failure, some poor person jumping on the line and so on. I still want to go places, but the travel is barely worth the effort any more. I am, however, planning to leave at larkfart next Sunday to be in Islington soon after 9am. Oh joy. Won’t even be there long enough for lunch.

Still, luckily I like it here. And I will visit you all again this week.

2 comments on “Z has left undone those things that Z ought to have done

  1. Scarlet

    Oh crikey, I’ve been awful with my blogging – very stop and start and stalling. I think it’s just how it is at the moment – I’m spending another day trying to catch up.


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