Z has everything but the food

Apart from a few things that are on their way, I’ve finished present shopping. I’ve brought everything into the drawing room to be wrapped and then ran out of steam. The room had been so tidy, too. I cleaned and tidied yesterday. It certainly isn’t tidy now.

I’m not sure if I mentioned that Zerlina tested positive a couple of weeks ago. Just a routine test for school, the whole family does it. She was astonished to see the two lines come up and took another test – same result. So she had a PCR test, still positive.

Weeza and co have been quarantining too. They didn’t want to risk passing it on and ruining anyone’s Christmas. That people were advised to work from home if they could was good timing. Weeza had to talk to her colleagues, who immediately said they’d rather she didn’t come in and the same thing was said at Gus’s school. But they are all fine. Zerlina is out of the infection period and never had any symptoms at all and the rest of the family has been clear throughout. Maybe vaccination does work for most people, after all (of course, knowing if you’re one of the most is another matter).

Eloise cat worried me the other night. I’d been very busy all day and had typing to do in the evening. Then I fell asleep, which is something I rarely do in the evening. I woke, startled at about 11 and staggered upstairs, feeling quite woozy. I had to lie on the bed or I’d have fainted. While recovering, I remembered that I’d let Eloise out. Eh, she’s got her catflap. Hmm. Don’t want to risk it.

So I came down again and found I’d left the door unlocked, so evidently she had been let out, I was right. But she didn’t respond to my calls. I walked round calling, nothing. I went next door, Wink was in bed reading. I checked the house and called outside her back door. Nothing. I checked my house again. No. Went back out. Two of the barn cats came to greet me. I searched. No idea where to look of course. Finally, a grumpy Eloise turned up. It was raining so she’d found shelter – I suspect she was asleep under the car. She was not pleased to be carried back in.

Now, I leave the outside and porch lights on when she’s out in the evening and turn them off when she comes in again. Less worrying that way.

2 comments on “Z has everything but the food

  1. Scarlet

    I didn’t like leaving my cat out at night – but he was a bit of a free spirit who liked nighttime prowling – I’d only be able to sleep properly when I heard the cat flap clap on his return.

    1. Z Post author

      Eloise isn’t really a free spirit, I’m not sure what came over her. She has a cat flap and can come in any time she chooses. Or not, as in this case.


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