Z grumbles

Someone that Veronica knows has a couple of spare rooms which she uses for bed and breakfast. I’ve been trying to phone her. Having left a message once and rung a few more times, she tried to get me when I couldn’t answer and has never been available again. I wish she’d just send me a text or use the answerphone, she has both my mobile and land lines – if she’s reserved the rooms then we can follow up later and if they’re not available, I’ll look elsewhere. I wish Veronica had never mentioned her, I was quite happy to find somewhere to stay by myself.

Wink and I went to an excellent lecture yesterday and our friend saved seats for us. She always sits in the same area of the theatre and kindly saves seats, but it’s not actually where I prefer to sit. But I can’t really say that and it’s not as if it matters. But I’m getting to the stage in life where I want to do what I want to do. It was different with Tim, we agreed and we compromised if necessary and we were happy just to do things together, both of us were easy-going. I can see myself retreating more into my own company if I don’t watch out, which isn’t really good for me.

I found myself locked out today. I’d been to the hairdresser, to an exhibition at the church in Yagnub and to the greengrocer and pottered back home, only to find that my key wouldn’t turn in the door. Luckily, I knew where Wink was going to be, so went off to a mutual friend’s house and waited for her, to borrow her key, go in via the annexe and then unlock my door from the inside. It was very annoying, but thank goodness there was an alternative way in. I’ve squirted loads of WE40 all over the lock and it’s much better now, but Wink will give me a key to her front door so that we’ve always got options.

I’m further pissed off that the house buyers’ solicitor insists on having a copy of Tim and Viv’s marriage certificate, which will cost £14 and take three weeks to come. They want to be sure that she changed her name legally. That her will, death certificate and probate all make it clear isn’t enough, though it was for everyone else. I want to cry really, but it’s just temper.

So there it is, now I’ve admitted that, I should think of cheerful things. Happy blogging makes a happy Z.

The wisteria hasn’t flowered much for the past few years, either it’s been pruned wrongly or else there’s been a late frost. But I pruned it myself last autumn and we’ve been lucky with the frost – very lucky, they had to go out and light flares to protect the vineyard last week – and it’s going to be lovely in a few more days. The lilac is also out, so it’s all about the purple in the garden at present. And the bluebells are beautiful too. On the little patch of grass outside the door here, there used to be clumps of bluebells but when we had to dig up dead trees, the bulbs spread all over the area and it’s very pretty.

The bantams are very happy that, finally, annual avian flu has retreated and poultry are allowed out again. They’re having a wonderful time in the grass in their pen. I can’t let them be completely free, I just can’t deal with a lot of chicks again for the next few years, cute as they are. But few of these chickens know about complete freedom, so a 20ftx10ft run must seem pretty spacious, as long as it’s outside – their indoor one is twice that size.

I have local asparagus and new-laid eggs for dinner. And if that prospect doesn’t cheer me up, I’m not sure what will.

10 comments on “Z grumbles

    1. Z Post author

      The Viennese secession, Mago. He started in 1914 with the assassination of the Archduke, went forward through the war and then went back, putting it all in context. It was skilfully done, impressive, with a sardonic humour. And I had been to lectures specifically about Klimt before and somehow never knew he died in the ‘flu pandemic, in 1918.

  1. Scarlet

    I think it’s okay to grumble every now and again – better out than inside stewing and waiting to explode. The marriage certificate thing would have blown my fuse – so well done if you didn’t shout at anyone or throw something at a wall.

    1. Z Post author

      I try not to take my ill temper out at someone who hasn’t caused it. One of the things that comes with age, I can’t claim that I’ve never done that.

  2. Glenda

    That marriage cert. is beyond reason. I’d be tempted to say the deal is off, and find another buyer.

    1. Z Post author

      Not the fault of the buyers and I’m pretty sure I’d be liable for all their costs so far. And the next jobsworths would want the same thing. But yes, 100% unreasonable.

  3. Blue Witch

    What solicitors want for house sales, and how hard it is to open executors’ accounts, are utterly ridiculous these days. We share your pain!

    People who don’t return phone calls or answer messages are so annoying. We share your pain!

    The asparagus farm local to Coven Sud has closed. It will be 3 years before our own are ready. Asparagus from the supermarket is a waste of time and money.

    Rates of avian flu aren’t any different to what they’ve been all winter, it’s just that pressure from big egg producers has worn APHA down. Hence why it’s only the housing element that has been removed. Feed and water still have to be totally protected from wild birds. We’re looking for an old aluminium greenhouse frame to cover with netting for the next lockdown.

    1. Z Post author

      I’ve just had to switch off emotion, as far as possible. No point in anything else. Everything stays bottled up and I haven’t the capacity to let much of it out.

      I’m so lucky to have a greengrocer who buys locally. Norwich market is also good, so is Bungay market, though I don’t normally go there as I sympathise with the greengrocer … unless there’s proper Fenland dirty celery, in season, in which case I go for the best celery in the world!

      Re avian flu, I was surprised at the sudden freedom, so thank you for explaining. I always feed mind indoors and, in their run, there’s close nylon mesh covered with wire netting, so little risk for my girlies. The risk has been minimal all along, but I haven’t done a Boris and bent any rules.

  4. dinahmow

    All the legal finagling in house selling/buying does my head in, too!

    Hope you and I can soon have a virtual clink of celebratory glasses.
    PS. I need to see pics of lilac and wisteria, please! xx

    1. Z Post author

      You’ve been through it too, I know, Di. I really don’t think I can bear to ever move out of this house, unless I have an awful illness and have a year or two to get my act together. Not as far as I know, though.

      I took a couple of pics, I’ll see if they’re any good and put them on today’s post. Otherwise, tomorrow. Or later, because the wisteria isn’t at its best yet.


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