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I might have mentioned that, when we were last in Reading, about six weeks ago, we went to Ikea in search of wardrobes. I’ve been looking for a while and not found anything suitable, so this seemed a possible option. And, indeed, we found what would do quite nicely. But we couldn’t face the hoo-hah of actually ordering it at the time (we had to take advice from another customer about getting out of the damn place), so I thought I’d do so online once we got home. Yeah. Bewildering, especially as half the pictures didn’t show up, and the app on my phone is useless (and has had a 1* rating in the App Store).

So yesterday, we toddled off to the branch in Norwich. You can’t buy anything there, only order it from the showroom, which is okay to an extent, because you do need to have a fair idea of what you want: but we did and the chap who helped us was very good and talked us through it quite reassuringly.

The room where it’s all going had to be cleared. It’s the smallest bedroom, which will become the dressing room, though it’ll still have a single bed in it. Basically, two big wardrobes, two bookcases, a chest of drawers, a bed, an ironing board and a clothes rail if there’s room. Until today, there were several more bookcases and a desk, as well as a lot of Stuff. We’ve cleared it. LT was mildly concerned that we’d get the new wardrobes and not have the room ready, but pfft, clearing out is what I’m good at. He is too, in fact, we’ve done a sterling job. Tomorrow, I’ll wash the carpet and then *all* we’ll have to do is assemble the wardrobes once they’ve arrived on Friday.

*All* isn’t quite it, of course, because one of the other bedrooms is full of everything we’re removed from the potential dressing room. All those books are in boxes, for instance. It’ll be fine. We’re on the case. Ho ho. Wish us luck….

2 comments on “Z goes shopping

  1. Glenda

    I do wish you luck. I have never had anything from Ikea, but my husband and I have put together other flatpack pieces of furniture. Always turned into tears before bedtime. Ha! Maybe Ikea has perfected the process.

    1. Z Post author

      Tim and I both quite enjoy putting together flatpack furniture, but have not yet done it together, nor with Ikea stuff. So we’ll see – no doubt you’ll hear all about it!


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