Z gives the good news first

Let’s start with the good news, because we all need to tell each other what’s good. This is all what’s taking place in this little neck of the Zedery woods, which probably washes right over your concerns, but let’s be cheerful, darlings, whenever we can manage it.

LT has gone down to his house in Reading. It’s nearly 3 months since he was last there, his neighbour has kept an eye on the place, his gardeners have kept it tidy and all has been okay. But he’s felt the need to visit and, besides, his insurance policy stipulates that the house shouldn’t be empty for more than three months. He has taken all the food etc he needs and will only leave the house for his morning newspaper.

I have done a lot more gardening, mostly planting out. Only some sunflowers and tomato plants to go, plus a few seeds to be sown. Although it’s so dry, as I was saying yesterday, that I don’t know if seeds will germinate. I did see the first runner bean seedlings have come up, though.

Being busy outside is getting me through this. I know I can overthink and so what if I do? It’s only me with the sleepless nights. However, getting on with digging, planting, cooking, caring for plants when I’ve wanted to care for my family, it’s a help. I have seen all my children over the past week, which has also helped immensely.

The new fence alongside the drive is almost finished. It’s a wooden railed fence rather than wire and the posts are on the drive side so that, if cattle push against them, they are on the stronger side and it won’t collapse. I’ve got a new hardwood gate and the one I bought a few years ago is being repositioned, to make a way through behind the vegetable garden so that deliveries are easier.

Ro has kindly upped the upload limit so that I can post photos again.

Dry grass. It’s not usually this dry in August.
Across the field
A barnful of wood
From the doorway
The new fence
And the new gate. It doesn’t look like £500sworth, but it’s hardwood, unlike the last one
The last of the wood, waiting to be split

The chimney sweep sent a message today, so I’ve booked him for early August. Then the Aga service chap phoned and he’s coming next week. All very nice and normal.

However, the day fell apart rather at about 9.30, when Eloise cat mewed to be let in. She has her teaspoon of homemade yoghurt with our breakfast – she won’t touch bought yoghurt – and then goes out. When LT left, he said to give Eloise her love and he’d be back by the weekend. I passed on the message, to be met by sad, pain-filled eyes. She was limping. I panicked and phoned the vet at once.

You may remember that she ruptured the cruciate ligaments in her left hind leg a year ago. Now, she might well have done the other leg. I have put her in her cage and the vet has advised to let her out to walk, three times a day, to see if it improves with painkillers and rest. If not – and he found movement (in a bad way) in the joint, she’ll need another operation. Last year was £2,000 (plus x-ray and checkups) and a month in the cage, followed by a fortnight indoors. But there. It’ll either improve in a few days or we all need to cope with it again. She is the most expensive pet I’ve ever had, who’d think it of a moggy? But we both adore her.

The good news is, our care over her diet has paid off. She has lost a kilo in the last six months and only has another pound to go.

2 comments on “Z gives the good news first

  1. Glenda

    Oh no, I hate that about Eloise. I hope it clears on its own. Always something to spoil a good day.

    1. Z Post author

      Thank you, Glenda. It isn’t looking good, I’m afraid. She’s hobbling and can’t walk far. I’ll give her the weekend and, unless there’s an improvement, I’ll ask my vet to contact the specialist who operated on her last time.


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