Z falls back when she should spring forward

I was so tired last night that I went to bed at 9 o’clock. This was odd, as the clocks had gone forward, so it should have felt like 8, but no matter, I was tired so off I went. I woke twice before midnight, but I mostly slept until 6.30 this morning, so I really was knackered.

The children, Rufus and Perdita, were fabulous as always and Rufus is getting over his chickenpox. I counted his spots and found 106, though some of those were small. If Perdy is spotty by the morning, I’ll head on over but it’s more likely that she’ll get it next week. I do have a meeting tomorrow morning, but we had an email this morning from the Rector, who’s tested covid-positive, so asked if it could be online, otherwise he’d give apologies. I replied to everyone explaining that I’d rather it was online too, so that’s agreed. I must remember to print out the agenda, in case I have to minute the meeting from Ronan’s house.

It wasn’t the easiest journey home and thank goodness for satnav and traffic reports, because I was redirected away from the closed motorways. It all took so long, all the same, that I completely forgot that I was due to call on Al and co on the way home, and got a polite text around 7pm to ask if I was still planning to come? Grovelling apologies from penitent Z and they were very nice about it and called in here this evening. I must set up more alerts on my phone and not forget anything else. I must be anxious, I don’t usually do this sort of thing.

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