Z fails to draw Part 3

Except that I didn’t fail to draw, I took the plunge. I should, perhaps, change it to *fails to draw well* because I certainly did that. I failed wholeheartedly, however, by attempting the picture of my mum (rather than a stick figure) – yes, it’s laughably bad and I can’t think of anything good to say about it except that it’s the face of a woman rather than a man or a llama. My picture is marginally better – looking in the mirror, I had a bit more idea about drawing a nose, but the whole thing was extraordinarily difficult and it’s going to take willpower to see this thing through. I don’t mind doing it badly and I showed all three to Tim, which shows I have no vanity to care about, but it’s hard to convince myself that it’s worth persevering. I am taking the correct view that the teacher knows what’s what, so if I fail it’s down to me. And, since this is my choice, it’d be stupid to give up at this stage. I genuinely wonder why I’m bothering, though – but I’ve worked it out. It’s a learnable ability that I’ve never been taught and it’s about time I learnt. No point in doing so unless I genuinely want to and am prepared to work at it.

*sigh* I could just dabble in watercolours and not do it very well, but amuse myself by buying a whole lot of equipment. I know people who’ve done just that.

The book says to put my pictures away, once I’ve studied them to see what I like about them, and not look again until I’ve done the course and repeated the experiment. Fair enough, so my apologies for not showing you them yet.

4 comments on “Z fails to draw Part 3

  1. Scarlet

    Awwww, Zoe, don’t be hard on yourself! It is all about regular practice and observation – there is no way you are going to be superb at anything that you’re not experienced with. My drawing is pretty rubbish, to be fair, unless I concentrate really hard – but I know that if I did it everyday then it would get better. I hope you stick with it and surprise yourself.

    1. Z Post author

      Thank you, darling. I hope there will be some sort of a breakthrough eventually. I’m still just floundering. But I knew I would!

  2. Blue Witch

    When you were learning to play the piano, did you play perfectly immediately? No? Well then, why do you expect the same of your drawing? “Practice makes perfect” really is a true saying.

  3. Z Post author

    Well, I think I’m being quite dispassionate about it. I don’t have particular expectations and, so far, I’m unsurprised that I don’t enjoy it. I hope to find it interesting and to understand rather more, at the least. At best, I’ll be pleased. Too early to say, as yet!


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