Z fails to draw Part 2

Slightly cheating, admittedly, because I haven’t done any drawing, even failing at it, so far. I needed a piece of glass or clear plastic as a picture plane. I don’t know what a picture plane is yet, I haven’t read that far. But I did know there was a piece of perspex hanging around in the chickens’ greenhouse so I fetched that up. It needed the protective film removing and then it needed to be washed – and then I looked at the book and realised it was about six times as big as I needed. So time to think again.

It occurred to me that I might find a smallish picture that I didn’t want to hang, and I could use the glass from that. So up I trotted to the room where stuff is dumped and I found just what I needed. It was, rather oddly, an aerial view of the village hall and the houses around it. No idea why it was acquired but it was in a glazed frame. The suggested size was 8″x10″ and this is 10″x12″ and that seems quite close enough for me. I’ve put sticky tape all around so that no one cuts their hand on the glass. And so I wait until Monday when the post arrives. Then I have to actually start to fail in reality.

In the meantime, I’ve ironed all the pillowcases, a duvet cover and two of Tim’s shirts. That was quite enough for one day – oh, but I hoovered and also diligently cleaned out the dishwasher. So, if anything, I’ve overachieved, if not at drawing.

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